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ps3 heist tonight


Recommended Posts

This weekend Heist... At least heist for $, if players want, then going for Criminal Mastermind Challenge


Saturday evening/night or Sunday evening. Time depends on you




Tired of randoms? Sick of wasting hours of playing heist after heist hoping just once randoms don't fail... just for your reward and payment is a lot of frustration, lost time, paying $$$ buying ammo than making $$$$?



Heist... maybe just pacific standard... or maybe even heist grind, run though all for bonuses? Depending on who shows up and time...


Looking for 2 to 3 mature players who would like to do some heist tonight.


You don't need to be good (although of course that helps). Just no lone wolfs, rambo's, no goof balls.... but still have fun.


I've done all heist and set ups, and most positions. (I admit, getting the emp into human labs is not my thing).


I do get shot up a lot, so I have heavy ultility vest and bullet proof helmet, please have the same, unless your that good.


No mic required. If you have a mic, please use it responsible... (if you don't know what that means... you do not need to join)


Host will select Player Saved Outfits (for heavy ultility Vest and B.P. Helmets...)


Perfer on hard... but depends on who joins. I admit, I make mistakes, but I don't give up.


put Heist in friend request.




(For bonuses, all the same team?)

Edited by richard42
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I've done all heists multiple times but I still havent done the Crimminal Mastermind challenge.

If thats on option I would be happy to join since I have some free time atm.

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I do want to do it as well... and we just might try it... however to be totally honest, some parts I'm not sure on... I guess it depends on everyone's skill and experience.... some rolls are easy for me, I have no problem... I figured getting them done in order for bonus...


but now going for the criminal mastermind challenge is starting to sound really good!


Does anyone know how long it would take? plus possible loading issues...


If we don't get it done tonight? we can work out when to finish..

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Let's go it.



I know someone hopes to play, but not sure... we need 1 more more just in case.


Everyone on the same crew...

all my slots are .... however one it IGN, which is easy to join... (unless everyone belongs to VANS) and easy to switch 'back and forth which crew you 'active'






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Still need at least one more player.... maybe more?


Starting in a couple hours....

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I'm gonna have some breakfast but afterwards I would be ready to go. So person number 4 we are waitung for you.

Edited by -Anti-
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just loaded gta online, but need to finish things before I play, also waiting for others to get online...

so roughly half an hour (30-45 minutes) from now

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tag, your it.


Still needing ps3 players for either the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.... or maybe just some heist grind....

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