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Weekly Australian Playlist and Impromptu Events [PS4]


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When: Every Tuesday at 07:00 pm (AEST) / 09:00 am (UTC) on PS4 only.


What: A mixed playlist featuring a collection of races (both contact and non-contact), team deathmatches, deathmatches, captures, last team standings, and an assortment of other custom jobs. Settings and types of jobs will vary, but most playlists are a mix of serious racing tracks, GTA style races, non-serious racing tracks, and team deathmatches generally set to 5 or 10 minutes with no kill limit. Most TDMs are set to forced and pickups, but every now and then we will use owned weapons to switch things up a bit. The rounds of LTS and captures are generally set to one round unless they are quick rounds and designed to employ the use of multiple rounds for a different experience. All maps are well-constructed and there are no hidden surprises, spawn traps, and we don't play any of those annoying Parkour, HACK RP Infinite $$$ rubbish jobs. Expect the playlist to consist of anywhere from 8-12 jobs and generally last anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. We do use assisted aim and most jobs are not locked to any specific camera unless they were designed to be locked to a specific POV.


Rules: The playlist generally starts right on time, but you're welcome to join and depart at your own leisure. The playlists are currently hosted by two different people alternating each week, and we do have a PSN Community set-up for those who would like to make this a regular thing and who display good sportsmanship and positive attitudes.


Rule #1: Have fun, be courteous, and take both winning and losing gracefully. If you have a mic, feel free to join the conversation, but please refrain from playing obnoxious background music or talking sh*t to others; please allow others the time and respect to use their own mics and be part of the conversation--leave all negative attitudes at the door.


Rule #2: No bullet-proof helmets, using Lester phone services during deathmatches, invisible body parts, or using any sort of hacks or mods. If you're level 8000 and only have a head showing for your character, you will be kicked without question. We play fair and we frown upon the use of both bullet-proof helmets and intentionally taking one another out during non-GTA races. Accidents do and will happen, but don't be a dick and PIT someone on the track or run the track in the opposite direction for the sole purpose of ruining someone else's race or just for the sake of being an arsehole. Play the right way and enjoy the company of a great group of people.


How to join: Post here or send me a message--either here or via PSN. If you're interesting in taking part and there's enough space (generally 16-20 players MAX), we'll make sure you get an invite provided you can adhere to the rules stated. Each week, we generally have anywhere from 8-10 regulars, but open invites are often provided to random players to fill out the rest of the playlist. The host launches the playlist from a public session, so you will need to add one of us to your PSN list in order to receive an invite.


I will keep this updated and check-in frequently. We have a great group of people and these playlists are always a lot of fun. You're welcome to join no matter which part of the world you're from. We will also host random impromptu style playlists and events every now and then, and we will keep you updated with the details if you're interested in taking part.


Thanks for reading and I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Cheers! :)

Edited by LN-MLB
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We're a little over a day away from our weekly playlist. With that said, any takers or anyone interested in giving it a chance? I promise, it's great fun! :)






I get that the game is as old as hell and the vast majority only appreciate free roam, but the number of topics and the lack of replies in this entire sub-forum is pretty shocking to say the least.


Come on, you know you want to join. :p

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