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USRPS Command

USRPS (United States RP Society)

Recommended Posts

USRPS Command

USRPS Command Staff-

USRPS started around 6-7 Months ago. It started out with around 10 members and has now grown to around 50 Active members on Xbox One. We host Government,Police,Fire,Ems and Civilian roleplays. We host sessions Everyday around 7 PM EST. If you would like to work under the government then you can apply to work in the government. If you don't want to work inside the government then you can just do anything that a civilian would do in real life aslong as it is in game rule or clan rules. You can own your own company or you can just be a normal civilian and do your everyday life to make money in your USRPS Clan Bank Account. You will get payed after every session as long as you have a job or if a civilian pays you money.

For more info you can contact the owner on Xbox One or on KiK.


Owner gamertag- CentComPres2

Kik username- BondedSphere2

Website- www.mgamingc.weebly.com


Please message CentComPres2 on Xbox One or on KIK for more info of how you can join.


Thank You,

USRPS Command Staff




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Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link.



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USRPS Command


-Xbox One-


-USRPS is a Xbox One GTA 5 Role-Playing group on Xbox One. We have many jobs available for our members. We have Government Jobs, Police Department Jobs, Fire Department Jobs and Civilian Jobs available. USRPS also has a banking and DMV system in process.


-Role-Play Days:

Every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST

Every Wednesday at 7:30 PM EST

Every Friday at 7:30 PM EST

Every Saturday at 7:30 PM EST


-If you have any questions then feel free to contact the owner on Xbox One: Gamertag- CentComPres1.

-If you would like to join USRPS then please Sign Up on our website www.usrps.weebly.com under the Sign Up/Join Tab. Thank You

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Topic locked due to excessive spamming by the OP in other members threads.


OP, contact me by PM to explain your behaviour.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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