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RexxNation New Daily Car Meets Starts TODAY! ( PC ONLY )


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Have u ever thought that GTA 5 is losing its interest and fun moments? well I do, all the time.

its time we start doing things a little more fun then all these serious jobs. That's why I'm starting up the first ever car meet that hosts every day ( daily car meet)

not too many people do this and I'm sure some people do but they eventually give up on their community and just leave behind a massive amount of people without the thought of continuing or passing it on to someone else reliable.

I am here to start one fresh, Of course there will be the basics... No killing, no screwing around with other peoples cars and y'know the usual.

During The car meet we will be doing a number of activities that include the following: Cruising, Judging contest, durability contest, Speed Contest, MVC Award ( Most Valuable Car Award), YouTube video/twitch streaming, Top 3 cars the look the theme and more. everyone who wins an award will be given a task from SECURO SERV which gives u 21k ( I know its not a lot but I'm not a hacker or a millionaire so what do u expect its more for the fun) and you'll be given a chance to be an officer in the lobbies, which I'm currently looking for 3 , which means only 3 slots are open for officers( we will talk about that stuff personally ( In a skype call ).


ill be starting my first ever car meet, in order to join you need to add : ArnoldTyrone ( ON SOCIAL CLUB! )

When u send the message that you're interested for the car meet ill add u in asap of course there are 30 slots open so if this ever gets big. First Come First Serve. Or the early bird gets the worm.... you know what I mean. I will be starting a YouTube channel on this community and I plan on posting all of my car meets on here and if I branch out, well, I branch out to other websites.

anyways here are the rules just so u get an understanding of what you are NOT aloud to do in my lobbies:

RULE #1 Do Not Kill

RULE #2 No intentional crashing

RULE #3 No Mic spam

RULE #4 Hackers are NOT permitted to join I will observe your stats and make sure ur not a hacker.



Schedule: Every day at 2 pm EST and if that doesn't work for you ill have a vote on another time soon! ( June 13th is not an active date! including all north American known holidays )

YouTube recording and streaming is encouraged! ( as long as it positively impacts the community )



anyways other than that I have plans to make this a huge thing and I'm hoping people still enjoy NOT killing and f*ckin around in GTA XD

well if u want to join ill accept any message.

Thank You , ArnoldTyrone

​PSST The theme is chosen once everyone lines up!

Edited by RexxNAtion
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Sent you a message via Social Club. :lol::lol: Also I have sent you a friend request.

Edited by Applez
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Thanks for the request! we will be starting up today and be ready! tomorrows theme is -----Vampire!-----

No Super Cars or Armored vehicles in this one :p

and you must dress as a vampire!!!!!!!

BTW Everyone go like the ChengTriads crew page for making this all possible!

Edited by RexxNAtion
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