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I want to create a good 3rd person gta-like game.


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I want to make a game that is like GTA. The only problem is that I don't know any good software for me to create it

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I'm going to be the one to burst your bubble and I'm sorry about that but are you aware that it took Rockstar hundreds of employees, hundreds of millions of dollars and several years to create GTA V? Meanwhile, you're not even sure what software to use (which there is no one answer to, you are going to need multiple programs). You should go do some research on your own before even considering something like this.

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It's not realistic to make a game with the same scope as GTA, but you can make a game that looks and plays a lot like GTA III with fairly reasonable effort.


But first things first, what do you know? Do you know how to program? In what languages? Do you know how to make any of the assets? 3D modeling, animation, texturing? Which tools have you used?


The path of least resistance is almost certainly going to be Unity. There are decent scripts for vehicles and characters and there is a pretty big collection of assets you might be able to use. Enough to put together a proof of concept. But you need to have at least basic knowledge of C#, event handling, and something about 3D models and animations.

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Another one of those. *sigh*. Simply put, you're not going to make anything like Grand Theft Auto. Sure, you might make the player walk around and stuff but that's probably it. You'll need voice actors, sounds effects, 3D models and etc. which is why all GTA games are so costly to make.

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This FaceGrabber guy made this tutorial so you can practice here.

Edited by Bigbossbro08
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...3D models...


To be fair, 3D models are incredibly easy depending on how detailed you want your game to be. If it's something on the scope of GTA 3 like what K^2 mentioned, it shouldn't take too long depending on how big the map is, especially with many great tutorials out there regarding the subject.


But again, that all depends on the scope of your game. Do you want something that can go toe to toe with GTA 5 as far as the quality and scale of the game goes, or do you just want to make a town or something that you can monkey around in?

Edited by universetwisters
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To be fair, 3D models are incredibly easy depending on how detailed you want your game to be.

Depends on your skill set. I'll have hard time making something more complicated than a crate. I can work from a blueprint, or equivalent info, but if all I have is a picture or a sketch, there is no chance that I'll make anything remotely believable with a 3D editor. And this is despite having done all kinds of plugin work for 3D and level editors, so it's not like I don't know the tools.


Doubly ironic, since my current job involves writing software that reconstructs 3D geometry from photographs.


But the good news is, so long as you have useful skills, you can probably find one or two people who can complement them sufficiently to make a simple game. And while actually making something like GTA, even GTA 3, would require huge amount of resources, writing a much smaller game that plays in a similar manner is far more achievable by either one person who can do both art and scripting, or a very small team of specialists. In the later case, you might even expect it to look fairly impressive.

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I want to make a game that is like GTA. The only problem is that I don't know any good software for me to create it


Take it slow, study, research and understand everything that was already stated here.


A good first step is towards RPG Maker, perharps one day you can be hired to make a good 3rd person game, or maybe, one that comes with your own concept.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Start from a simple sidescroller, or at least a little code snippet you can study before tackling on a gargantuan project like a GTA clone.

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  • 3 months later...

I want to make a game that is like GTA. The only problem is that I don't know any good software for me to create it

Make it simple, use easy game engine which could load huge map. Unreal is better than Unity at this case. I was tried once with Valve's Source engine, but that engine only runs binary partitioning maps. Now I am research to create my own engine because Unreal and Unity have huge storage size.


Is that okay to bump post a years old?

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Basically, when starting out in programming.. don't fall into the overly ambitious trap, thinking you can build a big ass game by yourself. Always start small.

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From my experience you can write own engine and use it for make own GTA style game, so I have written JuEngine (small screenshot here: https://i.imgur.com/ZIjHOXU.jpg :p), but there is so much free engines for example Urho3d which is also good for GTA clones but it's soo small to create large games.

Edited by juarez
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ghost of delete key

Pretty much what everyone here is trying to say is, It takes a VAST array of disciplines to create such a work; virtually *no one person* is well-versed enough in ALL of them to accomplish such a work... this is why so many thousands before you have come to forums such as these looking for help, and ultimately winding up trying to "general-contract' all the microtalent required to author such a thing.

Look at the credits roll for any major (or minor) title, or any animation on TV, or movie, etc... there is a vast array of individuals each working on a vast array of disciplines to fill in all that is required to bring the Work to fruition.

Look at some of our own TC mods on GTAF, GTA:LC, Myriad Islands, etc... each project had dozens of us working on dozens of aspects of the effort, and even then after years, none were ever "fully" realized, though we made great progress. (think of it more as a learning experience with fun consequences :p )

My advice is, SPECIALIZE. Concentrate on what it is you do best, and when you have the experiential authority to direct, try to assemble a competent team to help you realize your vision. EVERYONE wants to create The Next Big Thing, but literally NOBODY has the required skill-set and assets to do it.


Edited by ghost of delete key
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  • 3 weeks later...

I just like how this guy hasn't been active in over a year yet people are still repeating the first post

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