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[TxT] Taking a hard Turf: Help, plz?


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Before the riot I have taken down all Ballas &Vsgos except I can't f'n find this SMALL section of Vagos in Los Flores, right side of lucking bell. How do I find them. It's like a small tiny Square of them.

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Oh, yeah. That's a tough one if you've taken control of everything surrounding it. Your best bet is to stand within the zone until a car full of Vagos drives by, pull them out and retreat to the zone before killing them. It's tough to find a car with 3 though. You could try using a tow truck to hold a pair until another comes a long.

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Man, I have tried everything for over 3 hours. I even took a chopper over CJ's airstrip to get the jet pack to hover over every corner & in the spot, mini gun 40 cars, nothing, ergh!


I'm jumping into the riot story. Funny thing about these cowards in hiding that's near smokes hideout, it appears.

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I did it!! Holy crap!! I used the machine gun on everything & everyone until I had 5 stars then those Vagos, tough s.o.b piped up, I pooed them out. Feel like I accomplished something, finally.

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Yeah, you won't get gang peds to spawn, and destroying their cars won't work either. You might be able to get it to work if you snipe the driver or passenger but that's really hard to pull off. Stand at the top of the stairs within the zone until a vago car drives by. Chase them down and pull them out, race back to the zone before killing them. Hopefully a passing vago driver will exit their newly spawned car and attack. The 3rd kill must be within the zone or the war won't trigger.

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Alghough,Sometimes It happened to my gta sa game like adress unknown

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