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Collecting Special Items


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Hey guys probably some of you also are thinking about it so just want to ask if it's possible to collect whole warehouse with special items? I have now golden minigun and yeti skin and im wondering if it's possible they will spawn again? I mean can I collect only whole list of special items and as long I don't sell it they will not spawn again or is it possible to have for example 5 golden miniguns?

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Good question. I'm waiting for answer also.

Edited by kowal242
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I personally possess 3 special items currently (rare pelt, golden minigun, film reel) and only 2 large warehouses. I've been saving & stockpiling them in a single warehouse with the hopes of doing exactly what the OP suggests and trying to stack them up to 111.


I have yet to receive any duplicate items or notice any pattern as to when your assistant calls with special item details. Some (IGN) suggest that your assistant calls after every 10 crate missions, but after 260+ crates (mostly doubles and singles) I can confidently debunk that theory. I've only ever been offered 3, and I collected every one of them.

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im after 200 and had only 3 calls where one was glitched and there was no special item to buy so imsure it does not spawn every 10 missions

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So far, it's been established that


A. The value of special items is fixed. They vary depending on the item.

B. There is a very limited variety of items. I'm currently only aware of 6 unique items.

C. The call will come seemingly at random.

D. It's possible to get the call while invite-only or unregistered as a CEO, with both cases resulting in the inability to accept the offer.


There's a good discussion on the influencing variables of when one gets the call here:


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