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Helicopter mission


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I'm in the helicopter mission on the 1st island where that other guy is flying and ur shooting at the people on the buildings...I keep gettin killed here, can someone help me out n gimme some tips? thnx  :p
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GTA4 _life_for_me

All I can say is keep trying. While you are flying around try shooting barrels and cars when possible and try taking out the guys with better guns then work your way down.


Hope this helps.  :die:

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Crouching is helpful, too.


Improves your aim a lot.

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Chucky Panacamo
I think the mission he's talking about is the last one Cortez gives you before you take over his business. The thing you can do is aim as carefully as you can, that's all I know to tell you, and you can't crouch on this mission until you wack the guys on the roofs such. :rah:
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try to memorize where the badguys are standing, and where they are coming from in the part where they come running in...


Also, when taking out a guy start pointing to the left of him and just pan over his body while holding the trigger...

Just keep trying, took me a few times as well...


that other guy

He's called Lance Vance, while flying to the hideout where you're gonna take all those guys out, Tommy makes fun of Lance's name...



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