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Office/CEO purchase: worth it?


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The payout seems huge when done successfully, but you have to consider all the cash you're going to spend on services, ammo, assets, and upgrades.

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Keep in mind that you need the additional stuff for the office, which could ramp it up to 3 mil.

And then you need a warehouse, the cheapest large one is 1.9 mil.

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Having your Office is cool and all, but be prepared to grind/buy your money back, even after getting the cheapest one.

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IMO, even without warehouses, the office is hella worth it. Might be a good idea to go just for the cheapest, as only the views change, but, a max modified one fives you:


Immediate access to any vehicle in your garages with no cool down. Just talk to the secretary again.

Immediate access to an assortment of pegasus vehicles, at a higher delivery cost, mind you. But you do get immediately spawned into them.

Free snacks! I'm telling you, it pays for itself.

With the proper upgrade, essentially a 6th property. New spawn point!

Ability to store those pesky, worthless funs you don't like, for an additional fee.

And, finally, my favorite, infinite VIP jobs with no money threshold, giving you the freedom to completely drain your bank and get right back into the action of grinding.

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I love the office but reading this forum makes me think purchasing a warehouse and product isn't worth it solo, although I am usually in fairly empty lobbies tbh. From my perspective, sounds like it'll be fun for a bit then wear off, and I don't grind this game anymore.

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The payout seems huge when done successfully, but you have to consider all the cash you're going to spend on services, ammo, assets, and upgrades.

Here's how I feel, having the office give you the ability to make enough money solo to never need to worry about dlc again. Thats the good thing, it future proofs you. But the outlay is pretty big.

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For me, worth it.


It's been years of me doing the CEO schtick, and now you can't say I'm not CEO anymore.

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Sentinel Driver

Being a CEO is fun so yes it is worth it. You will save a fortune on snacks!!

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Only if you're determined enough to make a profit. I'm currently at a $6million+ loss and made back about $900k in 4 days - and I've only done about 6 hours worth of cargo missions.

Few more weeks and I will be making pure profit. There's a lot of money potential if you really stick with it.


Plus, being CEO has its perks and adds fun new things to do in the game



Edited by REDDICE0818
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Depends on what you want out of it?


As was said upthread, if you want a reasonable timeframe on your returns - maybe not. Profit potential is there, but you have to finesse the system to avoid the pitfalls. If you don't have a group of friends that can band together in a free roam lobby and kick randoms as they join - you are taking on huge potential for losses. If you enjoy the long haul and slogging away for weeks and months. If done in a friendly freeroam lobby, yes the profit potential is there. Beware the crates can take hours and even days to collect and once the newness of the DLC wears off, finding associates may get harder as their payouts aren't very good.


My startup costs have been 10 million and I bought the Lorabank (?) office along with a small and larger warehouse. That's only ONE character. If you do both characters and buy several larger warehouses total expenses can push you to 20 million plus and that's not including cars, cargoboobs, tugboats and whatnot. If you don't have a large cash supply to begin with, a office and a small warehouse if all goes well, will get you 250k per full sell off. The larger warehouses are 2 million plus in their full sell offs. However, you have to be aware of your costs as you go along. When I fully sold off my small garage, with costs as a I went, my profit was maybe 50%, so about 100k ish. To turn a heist style profit, you are going to be grinding for days and weeks. Again, we're back to do you want to have a grind that makes heists look like a daylong vacation?


That is also if everything goes without interference and you lose nothing. I presume you've read about the public lobbies and how jets and griefers are causing huge losses. The potential for losses in open lobbies is nothing short of devastating. That's why I'm not huge on the CEO. The risks to your capital are tremendous and the rewards take days and weeks to see results IF you avoid losing your shirt in the process.


So, for me - a player that enjoys making money, soloing and avoiding PVP - this update is crap and it's undercurrent of forcing you into situations where failure is the normal and you'll lose your shirt is just not worth it. If you do this public lobby thing with randoms as R* intends they are alerted to disrupt, destroy and kill you. And trust me, they will. If you don't care about making money and huge losses don't phase you and you want the goodies by all means do it.


The risk isn't worth it to me. I've spend my GTA:O career making smart money choices and always ending up ahead financially. This DLC is a fools errand and there are vast more ways for you to fail than succeed. I won't be buying any more offices. One is enough and after I load up the current round, I will likely never do it again. This DLC robs what fun was left in the game and puts it out to pasture. You are set up to fail. R* has never so blantantly done this to the playerbase before.



Edited by zoso80
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There might be other things you want to spend your money first, but if, like I suspect many players who have been in the game for a while, you have a surplus of cash, the office has some really useful features - even if you don't bother the related F&F missions.


These features are actually ones that have been asked for here by forum members for some time. The big ones for me are:


1) A gun locker - so you can finally stash unwanted weapons so your wheel isn't total clogged up. When I was rank 25, that assault rifle (AK47) was a useful weapon - but that was a very long time ago and it's completely inferior compared to the weapons available afterwards.

2) Helipad - you can request Pegasus vehicle direct to your roof (albeit it's rather pricey at 4k a pop)

3) Ability to order a car from any garage to be waiting outside for you


OK, it's very expensive to get just for those features, but then again, if you have all the cars and Pegasus vehicles you want already...


If you're struggling to get cash, my advice - get good at Pac Std. If you're with three players who know what they are doing you can absolutely rinse it. OK there are still plenty of newbies around who haven't figured out the benefits of a Heist Heavy Combat suit, but if you do enough you'll meet some good players - add as friends them as soon as its apparent you've got a good team. Making 400k in little more than an hour is very do-able.

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Some headhunter whenever you want it. Followed by a crate gather or two. Once the timer is done for headhunter or hostile takeover. Do it again.


If you take advantage of this routine. You'll print money.

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Some headhunter whenever you want it. Followed by a crate gather or two. Once the timer is done for headhunter or hostile takeover. Do it again.


If you take advantage of this routine. You'll print money.


Not if other players in the session also are doing VIP missions. as soon as another group starts a VIP mission, you are forced to either attack them or do something else.

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We Are Ninja

Very much so. I'm enjoying "building my empire". Enjoying the new gameplay mechanics and the inherent risk vs reward.

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What is the actual up front cost to get up and running? I feel like the office purchase for $1 million isn't the only thing I'll need to buy... isn't there a warehouse I need, plus I need to buy the inventory as well?

You need to pay for extras and get a wharehouse on top ..:-(

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I kind of see the buy missions as free roam contact missions that pay out crates, not cash. Then to get your cash you have to sell said crates and risk losing some or all of them. For me the office was worth the outlay because I had money to burn and it offers a lot of perks that have already been mentioned.

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i found an annoying issue regarding the offices and helipads:


1 million dollar office:
if i landed my buzzard on the roof via animation it would spawn it on the helipad when i come out again. so i get out, get the call, get to the chopper, the calls finished and i enter the heli, downside was this annoying staircase i had to use everytime.. so i though i buy the:

3,1 million dollar office:

because it has no stairs on the roof, i thought i could just walk up to the buzzard but NO! it doesnt spawn. i have to listen to the call doing nothing, walk to the edge turn my back to the helipad and call for the ceo buzzard. at least it spawns on the helipad, most of the time.


how are the other offices doing?


i really prefer a short walk to the heli but not if its not spawned!!

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Not even close.


For starters, when you play ceo, you are exposed to risk at every step in the game. You can only play in public sessions, so there is a high risk of trolls/griefers attacking you while you are vulnerable trying to do missions. When you try to buy cargo, you risk losing it to griefers while trying to deliver it to your warehouse. You also risk huge losses when accumulating and selling stock. At any time, NPCs can rob your warehouse and you can lose a huge amount of stock. You can also lose huge amounts while trying to sell your stock.


You have to invest huge amounts to even play as ceo. You need at least 1.25M to get the cheapest office and cheapest warehouse. You have to pay to go acquire merchandise, which you still end up having to steal. You can also lose your merchandise at any time, as stated above. You pretty much have to invest in a Buzzard, it would be stupid to try to play this without one. You also have to invest a lot to upgrade your delivery vehicles if you dont want to risk huge losses when you try to sell merchandise.


The payout is very low for the time invested. If you fill up a large warehouse, you can sell merchandise for about 2.1M. However, you have to do at least 37 missions to fill it, assuming a 100% success rate with acquisition missions. This would cost you 666k, so you would only be making about 1.5M for what will likely be many hours of work. You can do two crates at a time and only invest 444k, but you have to do 56 missions, and you get the same payout. Or you can invest 222k but do 111 missions for the same payout. Either way the payout is relatively low. 37 vip missions would net you around 800k with basically zero risk, zero investment, and the missions would be much faster and easier to do than the acquisition ones. You'll have to fill up and sell at least one large warehouse worth of goods to break even, after paying for your office and warehouse. In actuality you will probably have to do it several times unless you buy all the cheapest stuff and dont upgrade your delivery vehicles.


If you think playing as ceo is fun then great, but don't do it for the money. It is high risk, high investment, and low reward compared to every other method of making money in the game. Vip missions, contact missions, and heists are still the best methods of making money and do not expose you to the possibility of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single event.

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