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No Game Data on Console, no Saved data found, can't connect to R*


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So i've been away for a week, and to my knowledge my Xbox One has been off the entire time. I come back and it won't auto-sign in. Usually an router issue, I do a console restart and we're good. Console starts up, signs up, begins updating GTA. Cool.


Update done, I start GTA. It auto-loads to single player - odd, since I have it set to auto-load MP. It loads to the prologue. I have to run through the prologue before I can enter MP. Trying to load my save, I get hit with 'Error in Content Ennumeration'. Apparently my SP save has corrupted itself despite being off for a week. Sigh. Whatever, I don't care about SP anyway. Run through the prologue. Start MP. R* game services are unavailable. Sigh. Probably a connection error. I'll just restart the game.


Game auto loads back to the prologue. Because apparently it won't save.


Checking my games and Apps, apparently GTA5 is neither installed nor uninstalled. It's located in the menu, but I can't view the game data/saved data.


According to social club, my account is still linked to my Xbox Live account, so there's that at least.


Anyone know what the f*ck's happened?

Edited by JohnGazman
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Never mind. Managed to fix it after restarting my console (again) and starting the game from Internal Storage.

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Should've bought a ps4.


I did.

Edited by JohnGazman
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