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About Consciousness and Monks.

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You heard it here first guys: consciousness evolved to help us navigate the world (not at all contentious!), this somehow means social distinctions are inescapable. After all chaps like he said, life is all about binaries. Threat/non-threat, good/evil, having red hair/not having red hair, sitting down/standing up. I don't know how that's relevant, but I'm not a philosophical prodigy like Mr. Balls here.


TIL that meditation as a practise is people turning themselves into dogs because they're not as well adjusted to the eldritch truths of the universe as this guy..


Aye gather ye peeps

Ye desperate fools don't even life

Life is rising from your bed in the morning, performing several tasks, then getting back in it
It is this cycle of sleeping->doing things that defines us
I have escaped yer vile treachery, ye hooded assassins of vast empty void

For this is no void, this is my flat, and I have raging keggers in here

How do they not see they live wrong? To meditate in emptiness

As though they were in bed!

But I rise from my bed! I defy the so called 'Eastern Relgiions'

I rise! I get up! I brush my teeth and shave my beard!

I call up my mates to see what they're up to!

This is suffering let me suffer

Edited by Melchior

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Rusty, if you want to remain a member of this forum don't post in D&D again.

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