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Headhunter Echo

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Headhunter Echo




Vanguard Private Military Company was founded on May 25th 2016, by Headhunter Echo. Vanguard PMC was founded on the idea of quality over quantity. We provide reliable service to contractors who need help. Our prices range from 1000 to 9000 $GTA. Our members follow strict rules and regulations to get jobs done in a professional and mature manner. Members are taught strict lessons that help them during contracts and battles. All members must be mature, loyal, and able to follow orders. They must understand how command works.



Article I




Section I


All members must have the Vanguard PMC crew as active. They must notify the leader of other groups that they play with. All members must have the correct uniform saved, and wear this uniform when needed. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, and could result in termination of their contract.


Section II


When doing crew activities, all members must be wearing their required uniform. Any clan activity is consider on-duty. If you are not with the clan, or are not doing clan activities, then you may wear what you would like.


Section III


Any clan member who is kicked, or leaves the clan, must leave the Social Club crew, and must also change out of their uniform. This is to stop ex-members from causing trouble with other groups under our name.





Article II




Section I


All new members must read the code of conduct and understand these rules. All members must follow these rules, and abide by them at all times when on active duty.


Section II


All new recruits must go through boot camp and Contract Simulation Games, or CSG's, to get contracts. Once boot camp is complete, members will wait until they receive a contract from an officer. They will then complete this contract at all costs.


Section III


All members must follow the Vanguard PMC Rules of Engagement, or RoE, found on our website. The RoE specifies how members should act in public lobbies around random players, crews, and AI. This keeps us from getting into un-wanted arguments.






Vanguard PMC does contracts for other clans and people. These contracts cost GTA money, which is paid by bounties. Cost changes depending on the contract, and whether the operation was successful or not. Currently, we have 6 contracts available

  • Elimination
  • Protection
  • Escort
  • Third Party Interference
  • ​Intelligence
  • Threat Identification



There are multiple ways to contact our recruiters, leaders, and foreign affairs agents. We are looking for alliances and new members. Below is a recruitment form. Please copy and paste it, then fill it out. This is the only method of recruitment, and all other methods will be re-routed to here.







Past Crews:

Other Things We Should Know:














Edited by Headhunter Echo
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