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fastman92 processor


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What this tool does I convert map placement files like .ipl and .ide from a lot of types from different games to any other?

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What this tool does I convert map placement files like .ipl and .ide from a lot of types from different games to any other?



Wow, that is really imrpessing, but the problem that there isn't a read-me or a tutorial, because for who dont have programming knowledge (like me) doint know how to use it, but it is a really interresting tool and really useful, i hope you do something like a gui or atleast a tutorial on how to use that tool.

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  • 3 months later...


I'm developing a tool myself now so that I can customize it as I need it. Will publish it under SAxVCxLC/toolsForInstallation when it's finished. Thanks anyway.

I could share the code for IDE and IPL.

The only problem is that it lacks the documentation.

That's why it's best if you can contact me on Skype, so you can ask me quickly about the code in case you don't know something.



I have read the source code in the subfolders and files of "fastman92 limit adjuster 4.2\source code\fastman92 include\IDE_IPL\" and like what I see there. I'm considering to restart working on a tool using your code basis. However, if your processor tool is based on this source code or something similar, then it would make sense to continue working on your tool instead. Hope that Skype contact is not a prerequisite.


The tool I started developing has some nice features (besides most tags of IPLs, also Radar and Water.dat movement). Unfortunately it is a bit messy (due to learning process about RW formats) and one major thing that is missing is support for Paths. I have read about the different path systems LC, VC, SA, including your own format and consider implementing them. Do you have developed a tool for working with paths already?

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  • 10 months later...
  • 1 year later...

I converted binary ipls with your processor to extract parked car information, but i have problems with directions.


Edit: Nevermind, they are in radians, problem solved itself.

Edited by gta.bullet
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  • 1 year later...

.idb creation for Bully might not working correctly.
Some .idb make the lamp posts project light even during the day.

I tested with psc_rich.idb. I decompiled to .ide text, then recompiled to psc_rich.idb binary.
Even though I din't make any edition in the file, still get the bug.



decompile code:

fastman92_processor.exe /file_type ide /input_type binary /input_game GAME_EXACT_BULLY_SCHOLARSHIP_EDITION_PC /input_filename "psc_rich.idb" /output_type text /output_game GAME_EXACT_BULLY_SCHOLARSHIP_EDITION_PC /output_filename "psc_rich.ide" /string_list data\bully_strings.txt

compile code:

/file_type ide /input_type text /input_game GAME_EXACT_BULLY_SCHOLARSHIP_EDITION_PC /input_filename "psc_rich.ide" /output_type binary /output_game GAME_EXACT_BULLY_SCHOLARSHIP_EDITION_PC /output_filename "psc_rich.idb" /string_list data\bully_strings.txt

Either way, I was able to create a draw distance mod for the game. Thank you.



Also increased the 2dfx effects draw distance. It's incomplete since I can't edit some files due to the lighting bug I mentioned earlier




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  • 3 months later...
Please for instructions on how to convert img files to text and rewrite subtitles in another language at Bully Scholarship edition, Thank you
Edited by davidgames
  • KEKW 1
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  • 3 weeks later...

I use them to convert the IPL file of the Android version of SA. When I modify the content of the ipl, I re-converted it, and the game crashes halfway through the reading.

fastman92_processor.exe /file_type ipl /input_type binary /input_game GAME_EXACT_GTASA_ANDROID /input_filename "law2_stream3.ipl" /output_type text /output_game GAME_EXACT_GTASA_ANDROID /output_filename "law2_stream3_text.ipl

Switch back:
fastman92_processor.exe /file_type ipl /input_type text /input_game GAME_EXACT_GTASA_ANDROID /input_filename "law2_stream3_text.ipl" /output_type binary /output_game GAME_EXACT_GTASA_ANDROID /output_filename "law2_stream3.ipl

The progress bar crashes when half read:

Game has crashed, here's a crash log:
Current process ID: 9547
Current thread ID: 13363
Exception address: 0x00000000 (module not found)
Exception signal: 11 (SIGSEGV)
Exception code: 0x1 (SEGV_MAPERR)

General registers:
R0 : 0x00000000 (0)
R1 : 0x000018F8 (6392)
R2 : 0xCD03ACD1 (-855397167)
R3 : 0x00000001 (1)
R4 : 0xC94FF6B8 (-917506376)
R5 : 0xC801FAF4 (-939394316)
R6 : 0xCD5FD27C (-849358212)
R7 : 0xC94FF6B0 (-917506384)
R8 : 0xCD5FD27C (-849358212)
R9 : 0xCD56CCB8 (-849949512)
R10: 0x00000078 (120)
R11: 0xCD494A74 (-850834828)
R12: 0xCD2C2654 (-852744620)
SP : 0xC94FF638 (-917506504)
LR : 0xCD03C89D (-855390051)
PC : 0xCD03ACF8 (-855397128) ["libGTASA.so"+0x3EBCF8]
PSR : 0x60070030 (1611071536)


Edited by XMDS
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  • 1 month later...



I think something in the conversion process between binary IPLs and normal IPLs is quite a bit inaccurate, I did some tests using your tool converting every binary IPL in the game to normal IPLs and then back to binary, made 0 changes to the files but for whatever reason the map now has small cracks in places where different models meet.


Comparison pics:













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