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guard3's Workshop


Recommended Posts

  • 2 weeks later...

I created DTZpy, a simple tool that extracts some of the data in GAME.DTZ of VCS PS2 :)

Just drag n' drop and enjoy! Want more info? Click

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I fixed the wheel position of the 3 cabbies in Vice City. They are just too deep into the chassis, that the wheels collide with the main part of the car. Now that's fixed. The dffs are from the PC version: Cabbie, Kaufman, Zebra

Edited by guard3
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I created StoriesSFXpy, a simple tool that extracts VAG sounds from SDT/RAW files of LCS and VCS PS2 :)

Just drag n' drop and enjoy! Want more info? Click

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Fixed some more VCS, because why not

  • restored exhaust for Sanchez
  • added colours for Faggio and Freeway (they have no carcols.dat entry in VCS that's why the spawn black in original game)
  • fixed the Freeway exhaust, smoke should come from one side only now (also had to correct the position; lazy Leeds)
  • added more colour variety for the Greenwood (one colour is boring)





Check it out!

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Sweet little update :)

DTZpy v2 is released

What's new?

  • Added support for PSP DTZs (finally)
  • Added known and bruteforced names in IDE
  • Added missing quotes for particle names in 2dfx section (oops)
  • Extraction support for:
  • Cull.ipl
  • Particle.cfg
  • Pedgrp.dat
  • Weapon.dat
  • Surface.dat

Check it out!

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Sweeter little update :D


StoriesSFXpy now extracts with sound IDs embedded in filenames, so that they're easier to work with.


I also created StoriesSFXPSpy! As the name implies, you can now extract sound effects from RAW files of Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories PSP

Check it out!

Edited by guard3
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  • 4 weeks later...

Due to the forum upgrade, links in the posts are broken. If you want to check out my mods/tools, use the OP, I've updated everything there

Edited by guard3
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Vladion Prorock

Hi, is it possible to use your utility from game.dtz to get a positional dummy for vehicles: ped_frontseat, ped_backseat, etc.?

(Sorry for my bad English)

Edited by Vladion Prorock
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Hi there, that's not a bad idea to have as a feature. If you want to convert cars with dummies, use The Hero's vcsconv and use -g PATH_TO_DECOMPRESSED_DTZ to automatically convert them. It is possible that some cars may not have though, so in that case let me know :)

Edited by guard3
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Staunton Assassin

LCS and VCS are now modifiable? Awesome! Nice work, guard3. Keep it up:^::cookie::inlove:.




Oh, so the LCS mobile map is dead now. That's sad:bored:.

Edited by The Eddo
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Well they are modifiable to a certain extent since we now have a lot of aspects documented (gtamodding still isn’t back up again though), but my tool only extracts resources. No original file manipulation. The little VCS fix was done with a hex editor for example.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey people, no time no see :D


I created g3SFX, a sound effects utility for GTAIII/VC and Manhunt, which allows you to generate sound files and build from them, using an original Rockstar directory tree and file names (theoretically making modding easier).

More info on g3SFX topic! Oh, and the source is available on GitHub too!

Edited by guard3
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  • 3 weeks later...

Update time!

DTZpy is being replaced by g3DTZ, a utility written in C++ (no more python) that can extract data from all GAME.DTZ versions: both LCS and VCS!


Advantages over DTZpy

  • Faster extraction
  • Support for all GAME.DTZ versions
  • Added extraction support for handling.cfg and timecyc.dat
  • More bruteforced names for VCS (however there are still about 700 uncracked ones)

Check g3DTZ out!


Edited by guard3
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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...
3 minutes ago, guard3 said:

I also fixed maverick models for VC and SA (fixes a reflection bug because of model fault)


Are these the fixed PS2 models though (for use with skygfx), since we otherwise would have to choose between what evil we can live with?

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specifically meant the SA models (but it goes for VC as well), the PC models are a bit brighter in reflections with skygfx (or at least they used to be), to make the PC vehicle pipeline look okay.

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Someone mentioned this bug and I fixed the models, and instead of keeping them only on discord, I shared here too. I am fully aware of the ps2 brightness difference.

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  • 3 months later...

Hey there. g3DTZ is only for extracting select resources. GAME.DTZ is a very complicated file (since it’s basically the memory dump of a large portion on the game), so a rebuild from just the extracted files is kind of impossible. Are you comfortable with hex editors? Because your only option is to edit the original file manually (as I have done with my small vcs fixes). g3DTZ source is on github for documentation purposes, but if you need any help, PM me and I’ll try to help.

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  • 1 year later...

Updates on g3DTZ, releasing v2.0!


What's new?

  • Rewritten, better, more readable source code
  • Fixed LCS PARTICLE.CFG, some fields were very wrong
  • Improvements in float printing in text files
  • Filled in some missing fields from HANDLING.CFG
  • Added extraction support for:
    • Decompressed GAME.DAT
    • Animations (!!!)
    • Path data for train, airtrain and ferry
    • Zones
    • PED.DAT

So, where's the link?

Somewhere around... here

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