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Empty mall glitch


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To see the empty North Point Mall, first you will have to hijack a Caddy from Leaf Links or wherever. Drive it all the way to the North Point Mall and head towards an any of the entrances. Next, drive through the open doors of the entrance to the mall. This is where it usually loads, however this time it won't while you're on the Caddy. Once you're in the first section of the entrance, drive through the second set of doors. Drive through the doors directly across the exit doors. The doors appear solid, but you can drive through them. Now you are inside the unloaded North Point Mall.You can exit your Caddy to walk around. The mall's stores will be invisible but not solid & all of the items are still attainable.

To see the another version of "Ghost World" you will have to leave your Caddy inside the empty mall and run on foot to any of the exits of the mall. The mall's interior architect will load and the Caddy will remain inside (much like the "Ghost World" glitch with the Malibu Club). Get back in your Caddy and drive through the exit doors the same way you entered. Everything outside the mall is still solid, but in this version of "Ghost World", it won't appear as gloomy and it's easier to see yourself. Also, pedesrtians, vehicles, and items appear. Some areas of the city are still visible aswell(i.e. Ocean Beach, Little Haiti etc.)

The strangest things I've seen was money lying around that I couldn't pick up and gangs of regular people like the female bag holders.

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