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Dominator-can't be modified at lsc


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Dominator getting cannot be modified at Lsc message

Same message received when trying to enter with firetruck ambulance or cop car

Can anyone confirm

if they are also getting the message from the dominator or if any other cars are getting the message

I have tested a few cars and no others have seem to get the message

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Did you try with a different Dominator? It shouldn't make any difference but it could have been just a 1-off glitch. Or was it possibly another player's car?

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The dominator in question is one of my first few cars online it's from update 1.9 days


The only thing special about it is it has Yankton plates and worn colors

but so do my other cars an none are getting the same message

And I have dupes which also aren't getting the message

And neither are my green Window cars that are from save editor

All of which where brought in pre 1.10 on 360


Also note I'm on Xbox one just in case this is a console specific problem

I went into lsc with a different dominator an it was aloud to enter

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It may just be a temporary glitch then, but if not you know you're stuck with it, don't you? It's not as if you can go to the support forum and ask them to fix the problem you have taking a modded car into LSC.


I've known of losing the ability to sell cars before (it happened to me a while ago), but never losing the ability to take them into LSC. I can't help, I'm afraid. Hopefully someone else can help.

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Yea I know I don't mind tho

cars set up the way I want it I just was going in to repair it when I noticed


Also just to note

the only thing I can think of that's special about this car is it has patriot tire smoke

no other of my cars has that some so I can't test if that's what causes message

can anyone test if this is related to the message an confirm if it is or isn't

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