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If you could pick a career..

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I drew constantly, made little strips for my family and read as many books I could find in the library about drawing styles. I then got into music and had these delusions about becoming both an artist and a musician. I later learned there's little money in either, with the industry being more about luck than it is about skill. I still continue both avenues as hobbies but I fell into a career in the healthcare industry, which has worked out better than idly scribbling on a notepad sipping a coffee I couldn't afford in the first place.

"Idly scribbling on a notepad". Don't f*cking say that. It's your f*cking passion! Not all about income. Don't let it die, if you are into it like that. Great skill and rarer than people think. I couldn't and never will be able to draw. I still do half a sun on the corner of a page. Hell, my signature still looks like I'm having a seizure as I write it.

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Some master engineer at some hyper car or tuning facility like i originally planned, but I didn't have enough determination ( or natural intelligence) to make it through the engineering curriculum without wanting to pull my hair out every night.

Edited by drifter.

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Fooking Rekt

Professional Memer

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Panashe M. Sinclaire
I'd like to become a video game developer.

I've been writing my universe for years, and it's not short enough to make into movies, and it's not "Shakespeare" enough to make into books, although that's how I've been writing them. I'm really free style, so I've only followed the rules I've been taught in English class. That, and an indie guy told me that I should write the story before I get to the game. Sitting on a game with no story is worse than sitting on a story with no game.

I want to show people that there are still gamers who value their interests over their dollars. That there are still people who value storytelling over multiplayer and cancerous fan bases.

Money is pretty much what everyone desires, but I'd do it to launch an early legacy, and a great new world for gamers, comic book, super natural, and fantasy fans alike to experience. Money's just the reward for all the hard work. I want people to actually feel like their $60 is paying for a full game, something that can't be beaten in a week.

What may take one person 100+ hours to beat, took me 10+ years to develop ( I got inspired by Goku and DBZ and had to find my originality. It was a few years of clichés, maturing, and distractions until I broke it all down and kept rebuilding it. I plan on making my current rewrite the last and final one). It's ashamed to see companies that started out great, descend into sh*t territory. Ubisoft, Rockstar, EA.

They've all become money hungry, some who have made millions, still want more. The industry is jam pack full of businessmen, and not gamers. My team, my people, will never be composed of corporate asswipes. Gamers for gamers. I could never find myself selling myself to big companies like Microsoft or Sony because that's like selling my story. It will be big, there's no denying it, but all the work I put in, won't be ruined by a few suits and ties and briefcases full of money.

The guys that made Witcher 3, they're a symbol of what needs to be brought back: $60 for a full game, no micro transactions, full DLC for full price. The early 2000s.

That's what I want to bring back. That's why I want to become a video game developer. I want to give back what gamers gave me, a wonderful childhood and an amazing past time. It's all about the passion, what companies lack these days. What happened to making full priced games with full content, and letting the dough roll in? Greed speaks through micro transactions. My people are known for getting up on our grizzy, so I'd never be so broke that I'd put micro transactions in my video games if/when I become a developer.

If you do it for the money, you're no better than the current assholes.

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When I was younger I wanted to work in a record store, just chill out and listen to music all day. Now they don't exist anymore, and work is torment.


I could be like, a letsplayer, but without having to be entertaining. Or talking.

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A Painter or professional cyclist, once my legs pedal it and don't stop. Unfortunately, I can't afford a pro bike.


I'm good writing and actually learning drawing.

I was photographer, but I can't do too much money, so I leave it.

Edited by spectre07

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Not A Nice Person


Oh how much 2 years can change.

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Femme Fatale

I'm somewhat tempted to become a Gay porn producer/director...I've been taking notes while browsing the Gay forum and Gay porn blog to know what the audiences want to see and don't want to see...

Or maybe actor, a few people have told me that I'm Helix Studios material.

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Clancy the Bandito

Im aiming to be part of a camera crew/floor manager in a news station. And hopefully i can work my way up to being part of camera crew for a show/movie. That sounds like a PERFECT career.

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I'd love to be a paleontologist,researching about extinct animals, how they evolved, and how they lived.It was my dream job ever since I was a kid,when I watched The Land Before Time, Dink The Little Dinosaur, Disney's Dinosaur, Jurassic Park, Walking With Dinosaurs and many other movies and TV shows about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.Unfortunately,I didn't study paleontology (at least not officially in college,but I did learn a lot about it from reading books and watching documentaries),but if I decide to leave the college I'm currently in,I'm gonna try to study paleontology.

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Professional hamburger eater

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Whatever i picked didnt work out but initially i wanted to be a doctor.

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