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Soa Patch Stitch Style Help!


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Hello, my crew and i are in need of a Soa patch. We want something like the original soa emblem, but we would like the gun to have realistic black, with the red blood on the sword. We want original but not where it isnt visible easily like some original ones you see. . Our crew is called soa sinister sons.Top rocker Sinister, bottom rocker Sons, right side mc patch with original above mc if its not too crowded. 1% patch on the left. Black rockers with white letters and red stitching, we want the real patch look The reaper can have the stitching but dont need the stitch look like the rockers. And also please do White Rockers, Black lettering with Red Stitching. If someone can do this for us it would mean alot. Thank you very much. Below are examples of a reaper. "Vector" please so it works uploading



Edited by Venum25
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Not sure if this is what you wanted, but here.



Edited by ItsOnlyMac
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Can i get the white one with red stitching? Also make the rockers a tiny bit bigger. Thanks man

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Don't double post. Double posting, aka "bumping" is against the rules for this forum. You must only bump your topic if a new reply has not been posted for 3 days.

If you'd like me to change the color of the outlines to red as well, let me know.


Edited by ItsOnlyMac
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