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B Dawg

Biker Freeroam Pack

Recommended Posts

B Dawg



You might be a fan of The Lost And Damned expansion, maybe even the popular Hell On Wheels mod by Big Mitch Baker. This is inspired by that mod, only focused on enhancing the free roaming experience, without adding/replacing pedestrians and vehicles with modified ones, and only using San Andreas assets. While Hell On Wheels is great, it is mod unfriendly and results in frequent freezes/crashes when using CLEO or ASI mods, on top of having quality inconsistent pedestrians and vehicles.


All changes/features were done by editing data files using Notepad+ and editing save games with the Save Game Editor 3.2 (the game is very customizable without having to script anything).


- The player is now a White Biker, using the voice lines of the WMYCR biker/carjacker criminal ped.

- The player gang has been changed from Grove Street to the Bikers. They normally ride Freeways, but can be, on rare occasions, be seen riding the FCR-900 and driving the Phoenix. They are armed with Baseball Bats, 9mm Pistols, Pump Shotguns and AK-47s.


- The main enemy gangs (Ballas and Vagos) have been replaced by the Triads and the Italian Mob. The Triads are armed with 9mms, Micro SMGs and AK-47s, while the Italian Mob are armed with Brass Knuckles, 9mm Pistols, Combat Shotguns and M4s. (not in Gang Wars)

- Grove Street, Ballas and Vagos now take roles of minor gangs that can be seen in their respective Los Santos turfs.


- All new turfs: The Bikers have turfs all over the countryside and desert, and also hang out around the V-Rock Hotel. The Italian Mob controls Los Santos and the eastern side of Las Venturas, while the Triads control San Fierro and the western side of Las Venturas.

- Edited ped statistics: The three main gangs, as well as the police, have more health, punch harder, and shoot more frequently. Criminals (drug dealers, car jackers, and some random pedestrians) are the toughest.

- The three main gangs all hate the police by default, and will attack them on sight.

- Edited weapon statistics: All accuracy and movement speed values for Hitman skill level, have been lowered to Gangster skill level values. The Desert Eagle now does 70 damage. The AK-47 now deals 10 more damage than the M4. Dual wielding is no longer accessible. Everyone now holds the 9mm Pistol like the police do.


Recommended add-ons:

While the Biker Pack plays completely fine the way it is, I suggest downloading Group Adjustment (Better Gang Member Stats) mod by MKKJ. Reason being is that there is no way to modify weapon accuracy values of pedestrians without scripts, and your fellow buddies will only be able to use the Pump Shotgun effectively, while enemies in Gang Wars use all weapons effectively (at least during the 2nd and 3rd wave). If you wish not to use the mod (why would you not use it?), simply recruit only Pump Shotgun wielding bikers and do a minor change in pedstats.dat to give them more health to compensate for that (instructions included in Readme)

I also recommend N-RACES by ZAZ so you can do all the races with bikes, and Vigilante-Special Cleo (to be able to do Vigilante in any vehicle)


Credits: SwedishMafia for the Biker player mod. Due to the fact that the mod changes the Slope hairstyle into the WMYCR Biker Head, it is recommended that you do not change haircuts.


Installation: Drop the Biker Freeroam Pack folder into the Mod Loader folder (or if that thing's giving you UNKNOWN GAME ERROR like it is for me :angry: do it manually and drop most files into data folder, player.img into models, and the .txd .dff files into gta3img with ALCI's IMG Editor). Drop the save game into My Documents > GTA San Andreas User Files.










Edited by B Dawg

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Very cool concept! I would always do this on my modded preferences GTA SA folder, adding extra bikers (re skinned grove members to have black bikers as well) and even extra gangs, but very nice indeed, I'll test it out on my modded preferences folder.

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B Dawg

Download was updated:


- Since MKKJ updated his Group Adjustment mod (redownload it!), the health increase to the player gang has been lowered from 2x to 1.1x.

- Weapon balancing: 30 round mags for M4, can't move while shooting with the SPAS-12.

- Cops do not appear on foot around the V-Rock Hotel (save file change, only if you decide to start all over again)

Edited by B Dawg

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I'm using a Convoy mod which was full of global (allready changed them for locals) to have a biker pack, ride with me as they do in TLAD, they sometimes stay behind and that's the only problem, it looks like this.




Is an interesting addition to this, nice pack by the way, if you want to use this (is practically open source every single convoy mod has the same structure) i'll send you the file

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B Dawg

Sure, I'd love to use it.

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