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StanceWars meets XBOX ONE


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Welcome to StanceWars car meets - bringing all the true stance lovers together through meets


I will be hosting the first meet on Sunday the 12th of June at 6pm est (11pm uk). You can bring any JDM car, there will be a reserved list taken down on Friday night. To be on that list make sure you message "SW inv" to TheStancedOG on xbox live and I will be taking the first 20 people who msg me on to the reserved list. For those who exceed the 20 limit I will be replacing them with anyone who does not show up or gets kicked at the time of the meet. please read the rules below before coming to the meet:

- bring a car suiting the theme, for this meet it is Japanese ( JDM )

- Car must be slammed

- when stancing your car make sure you are a distance away from the meet and other players

- no neons

- no white wall tyres

- please no ricers

- follow the host while cruising to spots in an orderly fashion

- gamertag must be shown

- must have a mic

- no one is to invite others to the lobby

- most of all have fun!!!


- your car will be checked before you enter the meet to make sure u are following ALL guidelines




Edited by TheStancedOG
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Just a reminder to get your messages through for Sundays meet!! Still plenty of spots

Gt: TheStancedOG

Edited by TheStancedOG
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Meet is in 1 hour everyone get ur messages through for invites

Gt: TheStancedOG

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INVITES GOIN OUT IN 30 MINS!!! Get your messages through yall

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