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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[SA] How to change Gang Territory colors

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Remember to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas with CLEO 4 Installed.

Step 1 - Download the Extended Gang Wars mod by Silent and put the files you downloaded into your GTA SA directory


Step 2 - After installing the mod into your directory double click the ExGangWars configuration settings

Step 3 - Once you opened the text file you should see where It says "TurfColour=" and some Hex codes

Step 4 - Now you would want to go here


The website should be simple enough for you to be able to use.

Step 5 - After you'd obtained the color from the website that you wanted there should be a Hex code attached to that color

Like for the dark blue color It's #000055

Step 6 - After you got the Hex code now you would want to look back at your ExGangWars configuration settings and where It says "TurfColour=" then delete the Hex codes

Step 7 - Once you've deleted the hex codes you would want to paste the hex code of the color you got from the website and at the beginning of the hex code you added you would want to also add "0x". Remember to delete the hashtag from the hex code to If you forgot.

It should look like this



This doesn't change the color of the attack blip.

Also If you have any further questions feel free to ask.

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how do i change the color of the attack blip? i don't want it to be red...

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how do i change the color of the attack blip? i don't want it to be red...

You'd have to take the blip from the hud.txd file and edit the blip to the color you want by using a picture editing program.

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Hey man i do everything but it not changed it green but i need purple

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So, how i save my turf color configuration ?

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