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[REL]GTA V Handling_Worksheet


Recommended Posts

* Spreadsheet managed handling.metas for retained tweaking.
* All 4-wheeled land vehicles in update, mpapartment, spupgrade, mphipster and mpheist.
* 0.0% worked on, so all car information input is from the ground up. (there is information there, it's just default stuff).
* .oiv installer/un-installer
* All cars organized by **class and *sub-class, I tried to organize them as best as I could, according to

type and suspension geometry.

* this is not an .exe.
* one singular handling.meta per main class (it's duplicated to the other sub-classes for a multiplier there)
* basic instructions are included in the .zip, no training.

* you need to download some sort of office suit or spreadsheet manager application to use this, it's an .xls. there are all sorts of them. ie. wps spreadsheets, libreoffice and openoffice. I used wps and libre. Oh yeah, I think if you have Excel or something. It might already be installed on your computer.

*CLASIC 70’s



* a limited version (inertia and mass multipliers are missing), if you are serious about doing handling, wait for v2.00

* also, some of the syntax is tricky on said sections.

* there are a couple of mis-classifications ie.COGCABRIO being seperate from COG55 which are fixed in v2.0

* it's actually pretty straight foward if you already know what you are doing, just watch the " on the center of mass and inertia, it's not there because it's being added later.



* I have 3 more versions planed for the future v2.00, v3.00 and v4.00

v2.00 - a polished version of v1.00

v3.00 - a simplified version of v2.00.

v4.00 - a hybrid of v2.00&v3.00

* Improve instructions.

* To add more DLC.

* I would love to do an interface, I might not have room on my plate.



Edited by wastedpixel
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please post more information :D

sorry, my computer bonked.

Edited by wastedpixel
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