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Pauloso's Workshop


Recommended Posts

Converting Some Gta 3 Vehicles Into San Andreas(In Xbox Quality):































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Will they be SA Style too? Because the current style doesn't fit SA at all.

i Agree, that is the motive i choosed the Xbox Vehicles, since this vehilces have a better quality(PC/PS2 Gta 3 Cars In terms of quality compared to San Andreas have none comparation).


Question 1:


I make them with original body maps or give them the clean Sa Style?


Question 2:


Remove the Wings?


Question 3:


Give them Sa Wheels?

Edited by Pauloso
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Yeah, I guess you can consider that. Depends on which model of the Thunderbird.

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Somebory Know or give your opnion about an gta sa vehilce that closely remember Saints row Anchor/Nrg v8?

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Not yet, but when i cet some time i make some progress

Edited by Pauloso
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I´m making a big update to my old vehicle pack:
























I I´m making this Update to Remaster/Fix Some Things:


-Ps2 Uncompresend Texture from Vice city is way better than Pc Conpressed Ones(yes this update the textures will be in athe original better quality)

-properly vice city Wheels(Classic Wheel and Saloon ones)

-fixing some bugs


New Vehicles that i pretend on this final realise:
























-Sharks Burrito



-Kaufman Cabs






-Rusty Walton

-Baggage Handler



That I Already Realised and i´m remastering:



















-Sentinel xs



-Sabre Turbo

-Cuban Hermes



-Blista Compact

​-Have a lot o more but i forgot by now


For This Realise I Don´t pretend to add them Sa Style


Because for Sa Styled i have Other Plans..., This One is for who likes the original style of them or like an "BETA FEEL".

Edited by Pauloso
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Police Version



I'm not a fan of this Paint Scheme. I hope it's changed to the Standard Black and White Scheme.

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I love rear light, its a mod?

Yes, Its Junior_Djjr Enhance Particicle TXD Scritp Stadalone from ECG That you Can Dowload here:http://www.mixmods.com.br/2016/03/enhance-particletxd.html


But you need to configure to the tail lights to have the same results



Police Version



I'm not a fan of this Paint Scheme. I hope it's changed to the Standard Black and White Scheme.



I Undertend your Preferences But that a little thing







This Pint Sheme its based on a real counterpart, but there is no Problem to realise it on a diferente paint sheme(the traditional black and White)

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More Updates:



​Vice City vehicles on As Updated Cars:















​New Converted Cars:




















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I Remade Greenwood, Regina, Stretch, Idaho, Wahshington and virgo & cougar, Converted Mule, Benson & Manana. but i´m too tired now to post pictures

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  • 1 month later...

Sorry for bump but here 3 new vehicles













​Side by Side







​BF Mary Joanna





The Mary Joanna have a larger bory than na standart intruder making it more bigger, but i´m planning to ghange his front and add some stuff






With all the Merits i presente you the 1988 Declasse Merit


His grills is more 80´s






this is the Sport Version and more expansive, but i will make one more Luxury or "poor", or for your grandfather.



if you notice this one have 3d wheels





If you notice this version features smaller lights, on the location of the lights i put some kind of plastic.




Well the Last one is more Comic but I Remade it from the Zero The Vapid Del Majestad(old del Grant or Pendejo)







For now i made i from the 0 for more quality

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