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hoodlum Crack v1.0 fix

Shree Ranga Raju

Recommended Posts

Shree Ranga Raju

Why hoodlum Crack v1.0 fix for DYOM?



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Super Shizuku

No offense, but US crack and hoodlum works the same. Though hoodlum has a crashing issue every time you buy a weapon in an Ammu Nation of desert during Single Player mode.

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Shree Ranga Raju

What purpose we are replacing it?

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Super Shizuku

To prevent crash every time you type the name of your mission. For this situation, download "US crack v1.1."

Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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I see the coding structure, and it requires latest crack of Sa, because the original crack, got very much crashes. That is why, new crack got new features, like; Texting, Stream Memories of Sa, Loadin etc... You also see that, if you load or text something in dyom, with original crack, its crashes, because original crack cant support the new features. First crack is not much, against second latest crack, that is why Hoodlum 1.0 Us crack is important



Just use Samp, and use Sampfuncs (which probably use for hacks), when you will start any serve it will crash, because the original crack of sa can't handle all those coding, which are include in the serve (Specially: Roleplay serve's), that is why, they maded the new crack, so the coder's, easily limit the line of coding and write the new features in coding file

Edited by Husnain123
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