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GTA VI Music & Radio

Mister Pink

Recommended Posts


New Retro Wave radio station.



One of many and I mean MANY! Too much to post but just get on YouTube and explore.

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger
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this song while driving into the sunset in vice city :prismkek::^:

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If R* doesn’t have this song or any trick daddy song (Miami legend) then they have truly failed on the music 

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Endeavour Chambers

I'd be seriously surprised if this song by Baxter Dury doesn't make it on to the soundtrack, in my mind it works as the perfect opener for when the soundtrack gets a release, after whatever title track they compose:



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Edited by gucciflipflops
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If it's set in VC which it's starting to seem like based on then Latina MC, I'd like to see a southern rock/bluegrass/country station with a a wide range of stuff like Skynard (Simple Man/Needle and the Spoon), Billy Strings (Dust In A Baggie/Away From The Mire), maybe some Hank 1 and 3, Tom Petty (Breakdown/Last Dance w/ Mary Jane). I like how in GTAO with all the additions, the radio feels more like Sirius XM than terrestrial radio. If VI is set in modern day, it would be a good way of having a lot of more eclectic channels.

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Considering Rockstar started putting 50 Cent music on GTA with The Contract, I hope they add this one to it, especially considering the game will be set in the East Coast.



And also this one.


Edited by Edward RDRIII
Comment corrected.
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Guess Who Plays GTA

We need untz, untz, and MORE untz! The lovechild of SF-UR, Electro Choc, and LSUR. LSUR being the weakest, imo. Tempo was too slow. Need the bangers to crash your car to (;

Oh and some more punk & hardcore would be nice. I wanna hear aggressive vocals. LCHC redux 😆🤘

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music like this especially in malls and arcades








Edited by gucciflipflops
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