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I'm back to GTA Online and having issues on deathmatches. I see my character killing the enemy with a bullet in his head, but in the end my character dies and the enemy still alive. I played Uncharted 4 without nothing like that in the gameplay. The lag is a feature of GTA Online?


Other thing i'm kinda new on GTA on current Gen, so the "blur" is normal? there's something i can do about this? I remember in PS3 we don't have this.

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The "blur" could be some of the depth of field camera effects, which - you're right - weren't like that on PS3/360. I'm pretty sure there are settings in one of the menus where you can turn them off, but I'm afraid I can't remember the exact name of them.


As for the lag, it's probably not something you can solve. Thank the lack of dedicated servers for that one.

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Yea my game has been lagging a bit as well. Traffic has been spawning randomly a lot more than usual also.

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I've noticed a definite increase in random NPC vehicles glitching out the last couple weeks. Things like vehicle flying into the air, clipping into each other, randomly driving off ledges and bridges, exploding for no reason, etc. Some of these are just an increase in the occurrences of things that happen anyways, but some of this stuff I've never seen quite this ridiculously except when we knew someone was having internet issues.


Then there's things like this which have started happening a lot more recently in public lobbies for me above the normal frequency (and I know it's not my internet that's changed). Watch the radar in particular to see what I mean:




Hopefully this is just the result of Rockstar preparing stuff for the upcoming update, and will stabilize in a week or two or so, because as funny as it is watching NPCs murder themselves on my Insurgent's bumper, it is growing a bit annoying.

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