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Understanding GTA 3 Vehicle Model Dummies

(insert name here)

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(insert name here)

O.K., so I’m trying to develop a full understanding of the available dummies in vehicle models for GTA 3.


I have Onepiece’s HD car pack installed, and I noticed he doesn’t use many of the dummies in the original GTA models.


Based on the original esperant.dff hierarchy, Onepiece's models don't seem to use:









And from what I can tell these all seem to do nothing in the original models. Is that true?

I distinctly remember when playing GTA 3 on the PS2, depending on the time of day, the taillights on the Esperanto would light up in different spots (looking at the model, it appears it used the “brakelights” dummy during the day and “taillights” dummy during the night). However, on the PC version of GTA 3, it looks like it always uses the “taillights” dummy no matter what. Can anyone confirm that all these dummies are truly useless in the PC version of the game?


I’m also trying to understand how the engine smoke and fire work. From what I can tell, engine smoke and fire always emit from (or slightly to the left/back of) the “headlights” dummy. This is all fine and dandy in most cases, but I have a couple cars with engines in the rear and one truck with the lights on the roof. For these vehicles, the smoke source being the headlight doesn’t make sense. Is there another unused dummy that I can use make the smoke come from an alternate location? I tried “engine” and “engine_dummy” but neither seemed to do anything.

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