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Experienced player looking for a good crew (XB1)


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Hello all! I just discovered this forum site and signed up for it in hopes of finding a certain specific sort of crew to run with. I literally just signed up here, but I'm hoping my post won't be a problem or anything.


Anyhow, I'll go ahead and cut to the chase.


Gamertag: ErkTheWanderer

Platform (in case it wasn't already obvious): Xbox One

Years of experience in GTA Online: 2 years, 3 months (XB360 and XB1)

GTA Online rank: 196

Age: 19

Mic? Yes

Current ingame funds: $2.1M

Country: United States (no excessive patriotism here; I'm all about working with groups of other nationalities, rather interested actually)


What I'm seeking: I'm hoping to use this topic to find a crew (or just a group of players, really, no official crew required) made up of intelligent, rational, mature, and polite individuals that are well-versed in playing heists and other organized missions, as well as (if possible) VIP work. I have had many bad experiences with excessively rude and disorganized players, and I'm hoping to find more "capable" players to work with. It's been far too long since I had a competent crew to work with, as a crew of some of my best friends (humorously named "Team Mandingo," and yes, I know that it's a ridiculous name; not my choice) eventually moved onto the PC platform, and a gaming PC is sadly out of my budget.


I did plenty of work with these guys, and in spite of the different platforms, I still speak to them regularly. I've really missed playing with good people like them, and so I think it's about time I tried to actively put myself out there in hopes of finding another crew to roll with. I'm also interested in the upcoming update titled "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony," and I'd be happy to work with people on that.


What I'm NOT seeking:

- Military-focused crews with too much emphasis on chain of command and ranks, among other things (not to be rude or impolite, but frankly, I find things like this to be too "gimmicky" for my taste; it's as if they're made up of people living out power fantasies or something. So, no thank you.)

- Crime families, due to the same reasons as above. I'm also not willing to change my gamertag

- People without a sense of humor. I'd greatly prefer playing in a relaxed environment in which people are open and polite with one another. I greatly respect people who put considerable effort into the game and take it seriously, but preferably not at the expense of the fun associated with GTA Online, if that makes sense.


Two more things:

- I prefer doing heists "legitimately," meaning that I'd rather not use exploits that take the challenge out of an actual heist.

- Although I doubt that this'll end up being an issue, I'd like to play with people using headsets, as should be obvious.


Tl;dr I'm an experienced player looking for intelligent, rational, mature, and polite players with experience in heists and other organized work, including VIP work if possible. Having a headset is greatly preferred, but not at all mandatory if it's an issue. I'm not looking for a military-based crew, a crime family, or an excessively "hardcore" crew of people looking only to make money, rather than have fun.


I'm perfectly willing to fill out an application or do an interview with someone over XBL. I understand that many crews of the type that I'm seeking need to be very specific, and therefore, I'm more than willing to work with people in such situations.


If you'd like more contact info, reply to this post and I'll be happy to provide.


One last thing, please don't let this writing here seem too formal, by any means. I'm just seeking the right kinds of people to play with, and I wanted to keep this post nice and organized to that end. Trust me, I know how to have fun and just screw around in GTA Online; I assure you that I'm not too serious when you've got me in the right group at the right time. ;)


Thank you all in advance, I look forward to meeting anyone who happens to be interested! Until then, happy gaming!


- Erkle

Edited by ErkTheWanderer
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