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Looking For A Crew? Free Agents Recruitment Topic

Recommended Posts

King Carnage IV

GTAF Username: King Carnage IV
Social Club Username: King_Carnage
Gaming ID(s): King Carnage IV
Platform(s) x1
GTA MP games playedI've played all GTA games.
Other MP games played: soon to be red dead 2 and i used to play a lot of ark
Age: 28
Timezone: eastern
GTAF Activity: been an off and on player since day 1.
In-game Activity: pretty much everything. But i really like to make money.
Gang History on GTAF: Primal Pack MC, Witch Riders Mc
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I like to help with making money and other activities.
Tell us about yourself as a person: a few things about me: I have a full-time job and I play whenever I have a chance. I am 28 years old but my voice online does not sound like that. I have a growth deformity which makes me sound younger.
Tell us about yourself as a gamer:  I do not want to join any more motorcycle Crews. I play for fun and I really like to make money. I prefer not to be in a crew where they restrict what vehicles you can drive.

 Also if you send me a message about joining your crew please put in the message GTA forums.

Edited by King Carnage IV
Put wrong social club name.

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GTAF Username: Bolomor
Social Club Username: LMGAMER01
Gaming ID(s): LMGAMER01
Platform(s): PC
GTA MP games played: San  Andreas, GTA Online
Other MP games played: The Crew, Heros&Generals, CSGO, Garry's Mod
Age: 18
Timezone: UTC +2
GTAF Activity: Browsing every two days
In-game Activity: daily when time(school) alows it
Gang History on GTAF: None
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: Lots of experience in the game and making money/grinding
Tell us about yourself as a person: Hello im 18 years old and love gaming as well as having a good time with friends.
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I have more hours in GTAOnline then in any other game I played and really love it. Im a huge car guy and collect cars in GTAOnline.

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2 hours ago, Bolomor said:


Hi, check out our webite: ls-tk.com

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Posted (edited)

GTAF Username: AcidSludge
Social Club Username: mml1978
Gaming ID(s): AcidSludge
Platform(s): XB1
GTA MP games played: GTA IV, GTA:O
Other MP games played: IL-2 Sturmovik (2001), Red Orchestra, SWTOR, Navy Field
Age: 40
Timezone: UTC+1 / UTC+2 (Germany)
GTAF Activity: on and off
In-game Activity: 3-4 times per week
Gang History on GTAF: Gunslingers (2013 / Xbox360)

How can you contribute to a gang/crew: "Casual gamer" but not without talent. I like cooperative gameplay, can follow orders, and I'm able to steer planes & helis without crashing ... well, mostly.

Tell us about yourself as a person: I work in eldery care, so you can assume that I am stress resistant and generally care about others. Besides that I'm from Germany, but I'm able to read and understand english perfectly, though processing answers will take a bit more time - but we're playing GTA here, not discussing Wittgenstein, eh? 

Tell us about yourself as a gamer: Mature, calm, often looking for third options. And I hate PvP "for the lulz".

Anything else: I'm looking for a mature, family friendly crew on the more casual & chill side for doing heists, missions, races and CEO-stuff together without blowing up each other just for sh*ts & giggles. Due to my occupation and other hobbies I'm not able to do "mandatory 25 heists per day or gtfo" or something like that.

Edited by AcidSludge

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