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Looking For A Crew? Free Agents Recruitment Topic

Recommended Posts

Posted (edited)

GTAF Username: ddubz91

Social Club Username: ddubz91

Platform: Have played for years on Xbox, currently starting over on PC, for a fresh start.

GTA MP games played: GTAV, that's it.

No other MP games played.

Age: 26

Timezone: Australia

GTA F Activity: a long time lurker, newb here though haha.

In game activity: I play pretty consistently everyday for a few hours, if not more.

No gang history.

How I can contribute: Even though I'm a newb on PC, I've done every single heist online. I'm pretty good at helping out anyone who needs it, I especially like helping others with heists, I/E and whatever they need. I'm not one to troll others or blow up other's cargo, I consider myself relatively a clean player who just likes to shoot the sh*t, chill and occasionally race and have fun!

Tell us about yourself as a person: I'm a chill Aussie guy who is new to PC gaming, and just looking for a cool group of people to play with and have fun in GTA.

Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I play frequently when I can, and I'm down to have fun and making friends whilst doing it.

Anything else: Even though PC isn't the safest way to play GTA, I'm really looking forward to something different and will probably be playing on invite only/friends and crew sessions. Not a believer in cheating, nor grinding all day. I don't need every single latest DLC car or whatever, I don't play to grind all the time. I'm down to have fun mostly!


Feel free to hit me up if anyone is interested!


Edited by ddubz91
Added bold to titles

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Posted (edited)

GTAF Username: BuckTheWorld_
Social Club Username: BuckTheWorld_
Gaming ID(s): BuckTheWorld_

Platform(s): PS4
GTA MP games played: All of them so far!
Other MP games played: Haven't played any for a while actually... I'm a bit rusty.
Age: 31
Timezone: GMT
GTAF Activity: Minimal but trying to use more. Long time lurker.
In-game Activity: Again, minimal. Trying to get back into playing more frequently.
Gang History on GTAF: Was in one previously but again, wasn't very active on both sides. 
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I enjoy helping out in any tasks necessary. Flying and bike riding are probably my weaknesses so I tend to take a back seat with those kinds of missions (not too shabby with a Cargobob though!) Otherwise, down to help with anything. Great at racing in particular.
Tell us about yourself as a person: Just a laid back, chilled dude really. Love music and a huge GTA fan from Day 1.
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: Same as above really! Quite a laid back player and don't get to play as much as I would like to due to hashtag life but play as often as I can.
Anything else: Really just looking for a crew/friends who can help with upping my rep and earning some money. Happy to do some races, missions and really want to start Heists as I've never done them, despite been playing GTA Online since it launched on the XB360. A bit rusty so some patience might be needed but I can get into the swing of things really quickly. Let's get it!

Edited by BuckTheWorld_

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