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After All These Years..

Recommended Posts

Algonquin Assassin






No wonder Osho keeps saying gta san andreas is underrated,it's probably the second most hated gta game in gtaforums,despite being universally loved and considered the best gta.D


I don't see how San Andreas is underrated in any way, shape or form. It's not like it was universally panned on release and years after people are just discovering everything it has to offer.


If San Andreas is underrated I can't imagine how LCS, VCS, GTAA and CTW fans must feel. Poor bastards. :(


Read again,i said it's underrated in gtaforums,but universally loved.



I understood what you meant. I just don't agree with it. I've been at this forum for almost a decade and in that time I've seen San Andreas get plenty of praise from fans alike. Not that many people criticise it really. I guess I've never been shy of it though.


San Andreas is simply not an underrated game to me whether it's this forum or it isn't IMO.

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The thing I liked the most about Vice City was all the new wave/synthpop in it. It really captured the feel of the era a lot better than other games (maybe not counting VCS, but still a lot more than SA & LCS did the 90s). The soundtrack helped out the most. I sure hope the next GTA game takes place in the 80s and has a lot of good synthpop on it to capture the feel of the decade like the song the dude plays on the keyboard at the end.


Some synthpop video got removed



Vc : Sadly, a quick cash grab with Scarface story and Miami Vice mix together.


What makes you think it was a cash grab with influences from the two? Why isn't SA a cash grab with influences from Boyz in the Hood? What a sh*tty double standard.

Edited by universetwisters

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Saying that any GTA is faulted because of it's movie inspiration seems pretty ignorant considering all GTA games have some classic movie tropes.


Each game has it's perks and faults imo. But all you seem to do is bitch about the games OP.

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ill take inspired by classic stories over HD eras lame attempts with the Housers trying to be actual crime writers and writing dissapointing wannabe TV series quality storytelling (espeically V, ugh. They should have just copied Heat and called it a day.)

Edited by Maibatsu545

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The 2D Era games - GTA 2 was my first GTA, but honestly, I don't have any particular nostalgia for these games that would make me want to revisit them after all these years. I liked that game, but it wasn't the one to make me a hardcore fan of the series, so personally, it's not any different from all the other games I've played in the PS1 era. I have to respect those games as the roots of the franchise, but that's about as far as my fondness for them goes. There is just no appeal anymore, sorry.


III - I actually played III after Vice City and San Andreas (yeah, I've jumped on the bandwagon late, I know) and playing it back then was a history course, going back to see what I've missed and to witness the (already) legendary Liberty City in all its glory. Due to the improvements VC and SA made to the formula, III probably couldn't possibly make as big of an impact on me as those two games - and it didn't. But I liked it nonetheless and I still do. The grimy atmosphere, the map design and dark, pulpy tone of the story make III still stand out among the 3D Era games. I look at it more as a transition title nowadays, since I feel like the formula of the series really soldified in Vice City, while III was just the first foray. The basic, script-light mission design and the structure of the sandbox in general, the excuse plot instead of the increasing focus on storytelling in the later titles, the setting in its infancy. It's a bit of an odd-one out in the bigger picture.


Vice City - Now, this is a different story. I loved this one, and still do. Obviously, back then, the soundtrack and the perfect atmosphere of 80's Miami played a huge role in getting me hooked. Add so many new features and toys to play with, a charismatic protagonist with a fun supporting cast and some fantastic missions - and you get a game that makes childhoods (or rather, early teens - but childhood sounds cooler in the sentence). The Ocean View Hotel, with the hispanic music in the lobby, sun shining through the window and the sounds of ocean in the background... nostalgia can't get much purer. I still love this game for all these things, even if it doesn't really hold up that well under a critical eye anymore. But seriously, who gives a damn.


San Andreas - This is pretty much the same story, I guess. It was an amazing playground back then. Most IV fans tend to dislike SA, but for me, it is - in its own specific way - still the peak of the series. The sheer scale, the variety in all aspects of the game, be it features, the setting or the narrative, that goes only with little compromise to the overall quality of the work - this is something that, in my opinion, pretty much no other open world game as big as SA achieved nearly as gracefully. It might be a bit of a patchwork, disjointed and the story struggles between servicing the gameplay while also supporting the writers' greater ambitions, but overall, I think it's a bit of a miracle that despite of all that, the game didn't collapse under itself. I have to appreciate that, even if there is a lot I'd do diffrerently, myself.


Liberty City Stories - When I played it first, it was kind of a red-headed stepchild of the series, but as years went on, it rose up in my rankings. It really grew on me. It's nothing exemplar, but maybe that is the point. All other GTAs are, in some way, pushing the boundaries, bold, distinctive games. LCS, on the other hand, is much more humble. It has a certain earnest charm to it. The story isn't some great epic tale of betrayal with hero who becomes a king of his world, but more of a simple peek into the life of a loyal soldier who gets dragged across the town, meeting colorul figures, amids a turbulence in LC's criminal underworld. I enjoy the humor, the imaginative missions and the unusual bright take on III's grim Liberty City. It's just a fun, inconsequential little game, in the series of titans - and that makes it special for me.


Vice City Stories - And this is pretty much an inversion of LCS. It was a massive game for the platform it was made for and it pushed the series forward in several ways, which makes it just as important to the series as the mainline games. Some ideas stayed and were capitalized on (the more serious, dramatic take on storytelling, conflicted protagonist etc.), some unfortunately not (Empire Building). Where VCS failed is that it lost the spirit that made Vice City magical in the first place - and unlike LCS compared to III, it really didn't do much to replace it with something of its own. It was a blander, more vanilla take on the setting. Vic was no Tommy, the new characters were weaker than the old cast and the juicier art style doesn't really work for me. The overall story was better than VC's, but it wasn't as entertaining or memorable. But eh, perhaps this is just the strong Vice City nostalgia speaking from me, because this is still a great game on its own. It's just really, really hard to live up to that.


IV - The big one. My favorite, not just GTA, but favorite video game in general. What else is there to say that wasn't said a thousand times already? I fell in love with this game the day I bought it and it never changed. And I suppose it never will.


Chinatown Wars - This is the LCS of the HD Era. Probably my favorite GTA when it comes to the comedy, the plot was fresh and rather unconventional for a GTA title and I like how beautifully was LC transferred to the top down form. But, that's about it, I guess. I'm just not really a fan of the top down gameplay, even though it was still an undeniably entertaining game. It's not a game I'd take on a deserted island, but still worth a replay every once in a while.


V - "I want to be free of this pain."


Nah, just joking. But on serious note, it's really a subject I'd rather leave behind at this point. I've nitpicked this game enough for one lifetime.

Edited by HaythamKenway

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No wonder Osho keeps saying gta san andreas is underrated,it's probably the second most hated gta game in gtaforums,despite being universally loved and considered the best gta.D


I don't see how San Andreas is underrated in any way, shape or form. It's not like it was universally panned on release and years after people are just discovering everything it has to offer.


If San Andreas is underrated I can't imagine how LCS, VCS, GTAA and CTW fans must feel. Poor bastards. :(


Read again,i said it's underrated in gtaforums,but universally loved.



I understood what you meant. I just don't agree with it. I've been at this forum for almost a decade and in that time I've seen San Andreas get plenty of praise from fans alike. Not that many people criticise it really. I guess I've never been shy of it though.


San Andreas is simply not an underrated game to me whether it's this forum or it isn't IMO.


Well you gotta admit,there is more hate on it today than back then.

Edited by otachi

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The thing I liked the most about Vice City was all the new wave/synthpop in it. It really captured the feel of the era a lot better than other games (maybe not counting VCS, but still a lot more than SA & LCS did the 90s). The soundtrack helped out the most. I sure hope the next GTA game takes place in the 80s and has a lot of good synthpop on it to capture the feel of the decade like the song the dude plays on the keyboard at the end.


Some synthpop video got removed




Vc : Sadly, a quick cash grab with Scarface story and Miami Vice mix together.


What makes you think it was a cash grab with influences from the two? Why isn't SA a cash grab with influences from Boyz in the Hood? What a sh*tty double standard.

I was confused when he stated cash grab with VC. Makes no sence at all :whuh: Tommy Vercetti is nowhere near a cash grab. Edited by GTA_The_Series

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The thing I liked the most about Vice City was all the new wave/synthpop in it. It really captured the feel of the era a lot better than other games (maybe not counting VCS, but still a lot more than SA & LCS did the 90s). The soundtrack helped out the most. I sure hope the next GTA game takes place in the 80s and has a lot of good synthpop on it to capture the feel of the decade like the song the dude plays on the keyboard at the end.


Some synthpop video got removed


Vc : Sadly, a quick cash grab with Scarface story and Miami Vice mix together.

What makes you think it was a cash grab with influences from the two? Why isn't SA a cash grab with influences from Boyz in the Hood? What a sh*tty double standard.


I was confused when he stated cash grab with VC. Makes no sence at all :whuh: Tommy Vercetti is nowhere near a cash grab.


The OP is just talking out of his ass to denounce all the other games in the series to make III look good.

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Well, it's a lovely format you've come up with here, but for what I want to say, it just won't work, so I'm just going to take my own route.


It all started for me at about age 11, when I first rented Vice City. And boy, what an experience it was. The first time I took a tank on a rampage was when I fell in love, though admittedly what really made me fall head over heels was driving a type 2 bloodring banger through the city with Perfect Handling and Cars Float enabled while listening to V-Rock, the greatest radio station to ever exist in video games, and I say that with a ton of subjectivity, having a love for wailing guitars.


Even playing it today, it blows my mind with how well it comes together. The wacky mayhem, the 80's colors and setting, it all works perfectly well together, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. What makes it great is that fusion of mechanics and themes. It's offensive, it's crazy, it's funny, it's almost perfect as a GTA game for me, though I might be biased because it was also my first.


I didn't play much of III, in fact I only ever rented it. It sits as an emulated ps2 to ps4 game on my ps4 right now, but I will say I do like how you can go on a tank rampage in the game, and as long as you don't use the cannon and only run over cars, the cops won't give a crap. I've honestly always found the cops annoying in GTA games, mostly because in Vice City they can end your tank rampage early if they get to the door, so it's nice to have a proto never wanted strategy.


San Andreas. Now, here's a game that clearly had too many ideas. When starting up the game, I usually enable no hunger because San Andreas tried to be more of a role playing game, and unfortunately the designers thought that interrupting your fun rampage spree to get a f*cking burger was good game design. But I still adore san andreas, and it's primarily due to the fact that it has so many cheats that I don't even need a cheating device (like action replay for GTA III and GTA Vice City for the PS2) to play it, I can just enable most of those codes in the game. There is nothing like flying a stock car around with nitrous like you're a gangster harry potter. There are SO many different cheats in the game that it's almost like it tried to include it's own simple native trainer. I can ignore a lot of it's flaws because of this, and that's why I still go back to it sometimes.


GTA IV. Ah, GTA IV. Now, the story is fine. Honestly, it is. It may not be as deep as it thinks it is, but I honestly found it engaging. The only problem is that the free roam took a significant step backwards. There are no more planes, because "The map is too small". There are no parachutes unless you buy the DLC, which I will get to further down this wall of text. There is no tank, although again, there is a tank facsimile if you get the DLC. There are far less weapons, and the Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher has terrible physics. Seriously, why does it spiral so much? I've never seen real RPG rockets act like that, granted youtube had far less video content available in 2008, so maybe there wasn't any way to show rockstar that. And that's the thing, mayhem no longer benefits anything. This is not great, because most players are into sandbox gaming because they like to blow sh*t up. To quote yahtzee "Saints Row 2 shows a much better understanding of it's audience, it is fully aware that most players are dickheads and if you give them any kind of freedom, their first instinct will be to abuse it. If you give them guns, they will shoot old ladies, if you give them cars, they will run over old ladies, and if you give them aircraft, they will ascend to the highest possible point and hurl themselves out onto an old lady. And if you give them customizable outfits, they will take off all their clothes and run around the streets, hip thrusting in the faces of old ladies. And if you try to stop them from doing all this, they will hate you for it.". And really, that's the big issue. Rockstar cared more about you getting invested in the characters, so much so that the game tries prodding you into taking them on dinner dates. And the thing is, that all of these people have perks, and you can't call up a regular taxi service in the game, so if you want a taxi that is not only free, but that you can call in any way, shape, or form, you have to take roman bowling every single hour, or else he'll hate you. And this goes for every friend in the game. Some give you weapons, others give you health, others lower your wanted level without you needing to cheat. And speaking of cheats, there's no infinite health, there are a few token vehicle spawning cheats and one weather cheat where you have to cycle through every kind of weather to get the one you want, and of course the token wanted level and weapons cheats. This was a game that seemed more like it wanted to limit the fun you could have rather than expand on it, and that was GTA IV's most problematic element.


GTA IV: Episodes From Liberty City was a pretty big expansion, and both of the games had decent stories. There's The Lost And Damned, which was the gritty guns and bikers and death metal addon. I did play all the way through it, I guess because I wanted to be able to talk about in depth, but honestly most of it is just "Biker kills people, biker gets revenge on other people by killing them, grrr grrr loyalty", which is really lovely for people who like that sort of thing, I guess.


My favorite expansion, so favorited that it gets it's own paragraph, is The Ballad Of Gay Tony. Finally, liberty city gets some damn color. That was my other issue with IV, it had a color problem. Even when sunny, the entire city is a mix of gray and brown, aside from when you're in middle park or The Triangle, mostly because the triangle has a bunch of colorful advertising around it. Anyways, the ballad of gay tony adds a bunch of new fun weapons, including golden weapons and sticky bombs, it adds an APC and gives you a cheat to summon it, f*ck yeah, it adds a new attack chopper, and you even have 2 clubs that you can go to, and one is only open at night, adding to the nightlife atmosphere. I really liked the clubs, and I even enjoyed the QTE dancing minigames. The story went a bit wackier, with more insane stunts and big explosions, and I really liked that, because I'm not exactly in this to mimic the real life action of logging on to a computer and browsing a virtual internet that doesn't even having working video or browser games. I'm in it to do crazy stuff that I could never pull off in real life. The Ballad Of Gay Tony was a very enjoyable expansion, and it's the one I played right up until GTA V came out.


GTA V. Ah, GTA V. When I first played it, it blew my mind. Especially on the 360, and I got the PS4 version in november of the next year. The graphics were incredible, there were random cop chases of people other than you, there were multiple protagonists, each brimming with possibilities, and planes and tanks had finally fully returned. But, I've been playing this for years now, as I did with Episodes From Liberty City before it came out, and honestly, the flaws stick out more and more every time I play. The satire, even when compared to GTA IV, is junk. It's all mean spirited, none of it is funny just to be funny (even GTA IV had just or unjust and an in game comedy club), all of it is trying to make some wider point about culture and stuff, but it's only point seems to be "Everything sucks". It's a good thing the free roam has so many fun toys to mess with, because otherwise I wouldn't have even liked this game more than IV, but free roam has all these different aircraft, a bunch of different cars that you can customize (although only do this if you plan to use them in director mode, because otherwise you can permanently lose them), and a bunch of different fun weapons that you can upgrade and get skins for, if you care about skins. And honestly, free roam is the best part of GTA V, running around with cheats and blowing stuff up is still stupid fun, and now you can steal a full sized jumbo jet and crash it into the free way during rush hour. AND THEN, there's also a director mode which lets you not only enable a bunch of cheats without time limits and with only a few limitations (no super jump in tunnels), but it also lets you summon any vehicle from your garage at any time. You don't even have to exit your previous vehicle to do this. You can summon a helicopter, ascend, and then immediately transform into any plane in your garage and the game will even give you a bit of speed so you can start flying right away. And you can't lose any vehicle permanently while in director mode. If the free roam wasn't so fun and the world wasn't so detailed, I wouldn't see myself coming back.


I mean, let's face it, the satire is mean and unlikable, the protagonists are whiny and unlikable. Michael is only ever happy after a heist. Trevor seems to be in some kind of permanent angry rage, and yet they still tried to give him mommy issues like he's actually a deep person (Uh, no). Franklin can't even crack a smile when he's getting high in the mansion that lester gives him after one of the heists. I mean, seriously, do I need to give franklin the playboy mansion or his own castle before he'll be satisfied with his life? You could say he was happier in the hood, but he wasn't. Guy isn't happy anywhere. Forget weed, franklin needs a good dose of ketamine or magic mushrooms, I heard those cure chronic depression right quick. And it's not like he doesn't have the connections to get them. Every joke in the entire game relies on stereotypes. The homophobe who is in the closet stereotype, the anime stereotypes, the rich snooty kid and the rich entitled CEO stereotypes, the redneck stereotypes, the liberal stereotypes, and the female stereotypes. There was not one woman in GTA V who wasn't a stripper, a vain celebrity, a nagging wife, a valley girl who dreams of being a vain celebrity, or a drunk party girl who enjoys sex. And the way every single stereotype is portrayed is in the meanest, most cynical way. And of course, people are taking this as a sign that the next game needs to have less jokes, not that the next game needs better jokes. I mean, what would making GTA a serious series really accomplish besides making it look like a lame rip off of the Mafia series? But, back on topic, the game even hates you guys. A lot of people think trevor is supposed to represent the base, which, even if he is, that's not particularly kind, but I think that jimmy is really the one who is supposed to represent us. A fat loud mouth who smokes weed and tries to be a gangster. Now, I know he's playing a COD parody, so many of you would assume it's a parody of COD players, but take a close look at him. I mean, how many of you guys have pretended to be gangsters, even if you were pretending to be italian mafia instead of a hood gang? And even then, I think jimmy would fit perfectly in with GTA V's gangsters. He and lamar are almost brothers, except that lamar uses the N word a lot more. It shows how much GTA V relies on stereotypes when the wannabe gangster gamer is almost just like a real gangster in the game world.


So in the end, I still find myself going back to Vice City quite a lot, as Vice City to me seemed like the game where the tone and themes matched the gameplay and mechanics. Vice City knows it's wacky, knows it's colorful, knows it's bloody and offensive, knows it's a parody. And it revels in it. Again, V-Rock is a legitimately amazing radio station that couldn't have been made if the people making it didn't love the 80's. The satire, the story, the gameplay, they all mix together well, and it results in a world that feels complete, and feels like it's really there. I think that honestly, the best sequel to both San Andreas and Vice City wasn't GTA IV, it was Saints Row 2, which features a similar love of wacky parody and hilarious open world madcap fun. And saints row IV is still a game I find myself playing today because it too cares about having a great time, about having fun. So much so that it not only hands you superpowers, but an activity in the game hands you a giant robot and tells you to go butternutty. Saints Row 2 and 4 feel like a continuation of what GTA 1, 2, 3, and vice city set out to do. Be fun video games, as opposed to philosophical think pieces about how the american dream is dead and reality TV sucks.


I hope GTA VI, whatever it does, realizes that the GTA series has never been particularly deep or philosophical, and that's fine. I hope 6 goes back to the roots, and gets back to being a fun parody rather than an analysis of how vain celebrities are vain and politicians are wacky. Because GTA is at it's best when it's not taking itself seriously and you're driving a sports car off a ramp into a big fire.

Edited by Racecarlock

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I can't speak for any of the 2D games as I've never played them. That said...


* III - I was pretty late to the bandwagon here, as I'd already played Vice City, San Andreas and even IV, so playing III was more like a history lesson than anything else. To be honest, I've never been able to warm up to this one like I have its successors, partly because it's so bare-bones compared to what came after and partly because the controls on console have aged terribly (I did get the PC version and it plays so much better). But there IS a lot to like about it. OG Liberty City is pretty awesome in terms of design and atmosphere (I also love that it's landlocked), and it introduced a LOT of fun characters. Also I can't stress enough just how innovative and groundbreaking it was. It's a game I definitely respect more than I like, but it deserves all the respect in the world.


* Vice City - Now we're talking. This was actually the first GTA I played before my parents made me sell it due to its content, haha (I got up to "Guardian Angels", meaning I hadn't even scratched the surface!). I would revisit it years later, and was blown away. Now there are some negatives. The controls on console have aged horribly (again, I've got the PC version and it's soooo much better), and if "The Driver" isn't the worst, most aggravating mission in GTA history, then it's a worthy contender for the title. And that's it. Really, this is such a special game in so many ways. The great story with some excellent characters (Tommy Vercetti is the man), the amazing depiction of 1980s Miami, all the excellent missions, and the soundtrack. Oh my God the soundtrack. Easily my favorite of the 3D era.


* San Andreas - This used to be my favorite game ever. Ever. Ever. But then as the years passed, the flaws became more apparent, but I still have a lot of love for this game. There is just SO much freaking content, and while not all of it is great or even good (f*ck that dancing minigame, seriously), there's enough good stuff that you can play this game for years and still find new stuff. It's like a feast of GTA, a total all-you-can-eat blowout. It also helps that the controls are a vast improvement over III and VC. The map is amazingly designed, and despite its relative small size by today's standards, it still feels huge and is incredibly varied. As for the story, I think it's pretty good, but is definitely one of the messier plots in the series, and CJ is no Tommy Vercetti. But overall, I really do feel that this is still the peak of the series, in its own way.


* Liberty City Stories - My memories of this one are sorta foggy, to be honest. I enjoyed it, but haven't played it since 2010. I do remember enjoying the story and Mafia theme, and the soundtrack.


* Vice City Stories - I haven't played this one in a while either, but it was easily my favorite of the Stories duo. I loved returning to Vice City, and the amazing atmosphere and soundtrack that came with it, and the whole Empire building system was great - I really hope it'll make a return in the future. That said, the story was pretty messy (Vic is such a decent person that it makes like 80% of the game an out-of-character mess) and some of the missions were really aggravating, even by 3D-era standards (and the gangs constantly attacking my businesses really pi$$ed me off). Overall though, it's definitely a game I'd like to revisit someday. You get to do security for Phil Collins as he's performing "In the Air Tonight", what more do you need?


* IV - Easily my favorite of the series. To be honest, I've been a member of the "too boring, not enough to do" camp at times in the past (I've always liked the game, though)... but then I played through it a third time in Spring 2015 and it just clicked and won me over completely. They took a back-to-basics approach, cutting off all the extra fluff and focusing on refining the core gameplay, and it really paid off IMO. The driving takes some getting used to, but once you master it, it's really fun and satisfying, and while the shooting is a bit janky by today's standards, it's probably got the most satisfying gunplay in the series (I actually found it way easier after I turned the autoaim OFF). And while it looks pretty skeletal at first glance, there's actually a LOT of extra stuff you can do if you look hard enough - namely, just do all the jobs your friends offer you, and you'll find yourself taking part in really fun and criminal (ya hear that, V?) side-activities. And the story and atmosphere, oh my God. IMO, IV is Rockstar's greatest story to date, with the best cast of characters of the series, and no matter which ending you pick, the climax is amazingly powerful. And Liberty City is just amazing - they completely NAILED that NYC feel. Nailed it. And the soundtrack is probably my favorite of the series, with something for everyone. Really, I could go on and on, but long story short, I freaking love this game.


* The Lost and Damned - One of the best DLC add-ons I've ever played, with an amazing story, and the whole thing gels with IV beautifully. It's also easily the best biker game ever made - might not be saying much, as the most recent biker game I can think of is Ride to Hell: Retribution (OH MY GOD) but this really is a fantastic game.


* The Ballad of Gay Tony - This one's a little iffier for me. I absolutely loved this when it came out, but during my 2015 playthrough, it just didn't feel up to snuff with IV and TLaD. Gameplay wise, it's pretty great, as there's a lot of stuff to do (skydiving, doing bouncer work in da club, drug wars), and there are some fantastic missions. But storywise, it kinda goes to pot. There are some truly great moments (mostly between Luis and Tony) and a couple fantastic characters, but for the most part it felt really weak compared to its counterparts' stories, and most of the characters were annoying as hell. And what they did to Bulgarin was too lame for words. This really scary Russian crime boss who's so untouchable that Niko never got his hands on him? Let's make him a guitar-playing fratboy d*uche who lives with his sister! Ugh.


* V - Oh boy, this one. I've sort of had a "love-and-hate" relationship with it over the years, and now I'm veering more strongly towards the more positive camp after getting the Xbox One version, but there's still a LOT I would have done differently. Most of the missions are way too scripted, the pace is all effed up, there's a glaring lack of actual criminal activities outside of the puny amount Trevor gets, and the story's an inconsistent mess with some really annoying characters, and the sense of humor and "social commentary" on American culture was WAAAAAAY over the top, and not particularly funny or insightful. And the map does leave something to be desired, with a lack of interiors and an oddly designed countryside lacking in a dense forest, or many places where you can really feel isolated. But there is a lot to love about this game. The story does have its moments - in the third act (post-exile), it really starts to cook - and Michael is one of my favorite protagonists of all time. And there are a lot of great missions and moments. The character, car and weapon customization is fantastic. The map, despite my gripes with it, is gorgeous and amazingly detailed, especially on CG. And the soundtrack is pretty great as well, though mainly on CG - not that it was complete sh*t or anything on LG, but in my experience, most of it got really old). I'm working on another playthrough of this on Xbox One (my first CG playthrough), and I'll be interested to see what I think when I complete it, but at least I'm feeling much more positively about V than I did a year or so ago.

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III: Had a lot of innovation for the time, but unfortunately I only got to play it after playing San Andreas and watching some of the first GTA 4 videos on YouTube. Never grew on me.


VC: Never played. Sorry. Heard a lot of awesome stuff though, but I want to finish watching Miami Vice before buying it.


SA: Amazing, truly amazing map, astounding atmosphere... everywhere but San Fierro. That's just San Francisco without a heart. Feels like Midtown Madness at best. The story was gold and I really got invested in it... until CJ left Los Santos, then it just went downhill.


IV: Ohmygerd, this has an amazing story, amazing physics, amazing driving, amazing visuals, amazing everything. Only thing I didn't like was the constant bugging from friends, the repetitive missions and the map, which was just pretty much the same everywhere.


V: Mixed feelings. Atmosphere is nonexistant. Has some awesome, truly amazing detail in it though, especially taking photos is just gold.


O: Sounded like a good concept, was executed badly. You could have improved the game by 1) no blips 2) all missions in free roam 3) friendly lobbies 4) a f*cking story.


2D-Era/GTA:Stories and GTA:A are games I never played.

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asmitgta sa

I agree with you that gta sa city sf was not good enough but gta sa never prefered quantity over quality and sa is better than gta 5

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I - N/A

London1969 & London1961 - N/A

II - N/A

III - Considering the time of its release and how there weren't any games like it before, it was groundbreaking. It was a very good game don't get me wrong but in my opinion easily the worst GTA I've played, but that's not saying it wasn't good, just that every GTA after it was much better. Considering all that I'd still give it a 7/10.

Vc - Amazing. A huge improvement on III which was already good. Very nostalgic at this point too. 10/10

Sa - Possibly still the best game in the series in terms of fun gameplay. Also quite nostalgic now. 10/10

Advance - N/A

Lcs - Slightly better than III, best theme song in the series and contains one of the best radio stations in the series (The Liberty Jam) but other than that doesn't really stand out. 8/10

Vcs - Better than VC in gameplay and certain features but doesn't quite have that same feel as VC. still 10/10

IV - Fantastic game, good long story and a lot of things to do. One of only two games in the series I got 100% in, the other being V, but 100% in V was a piece of cake in comparison. The only things that make it a little bit worse than V in my opinion are the driving mechanics and the quality of the multiplayer. Also I love the way guns sound in this game lol. 10/10

L&D - Great DLC. Not much else to say as it's basically just an expansion of IV. 10/10

TBGT - See above. 10/10


V - Best overall game in the series in my opinion. The mechanics, gameplay and graphics are the best so far. The story is a little bit short for my liking but that doesn't mean it wasn't good, the story was great and had some really fun missions, I just wish it was maybe 10-20 missions longer and expanded certain parts of the story. Only thing I find a bit annoying is how overpowered, relentless and at times superhuman the police can be. 10/10

VOnline - A breathtaking multiplayer experience that exceeded all my expectations. This type of Online gameplay is what I always dreamed of while playing the older GTAs and while I still consider the story the most important part of a GTA game, Rockstar have to at least match this in VI after setting the bar so high. The only complaints I have is sometimes the servers can be quite unreliable, a large portion of the GTAO community who are f*ckwits and try to ruin the experience for others but that isn't Rockstar's fault and also the recent trend of silly content updates (stunt races, Ruiner 2000 and that weird bike game mode where you take people out with the fumes from your bike or whatever, I haven't played it because it looks ridiculous but I've seen clips of it) but whatever, I'm not forced to use or participate in any of it so I don't. 10/10

VI - I can't comment on a game that hasn't even been announced and probably won't be out for at least 2 years or so but all I'll say is that Rockstar have never let me down so I'm fully confident it will be another incredible game.

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I - One of the very first games I ever played. Got me into gaming a very young age. The gameplay was addicting and I loved the idea of causing as much chaos as humanly possible. It has a place in my heart.


II - One of the more "crazier" and "wackier" GTAs in my opinion. Didn't play it much, but from what I did play, I enjoyed it.


III - Completely changed the GTA series forever, and I remember playing the first mission like "woooooah". This game too has a place in my heart.


VC - One of my favourites in the series, because of its "Scarface" and "Miami Vice" vibes. Can't wait to visit Vice City in the HD Universe. And Tommy is a very likable protagonist. Want to see his character again.


SA - One of the biggest games in the series. I loved it. The storyline was a mix of fun and silly. The map was never too boring to explore (unlike V's). The characters were a mix of hilarious and awesome.


LCS - I got "Sopranos" vibes from playing this one. I loved the whole "made man/Mafia" idea. Not the best GTA game, but nowhere near the worst.


VCS - It was good to revisit a slightly older Vice City, and I thought Vic Vance was a likable dude, and enjoyed playing through the story with him. I enjoyed playing this one for HOURS once I got it.


IV - Now the series has moved over to the HD Universe. This game is my favourite, and I can't wait to play it again on Xbox One once I actually get sufficient space for it (stupid storage limit). I loved EVERYTHING about this game. It felt like there was no flaws (there was, but they were buried by everything else). Liberty City in the new universe was amazing, and I love exploring the islands for interiors and secrets.


V - One of the most breathtaking games of the series. I love it for its amazing gameplay, map and its vehicles. The story could use some more "effort" though, I thought it was all over the place. The three characters are some of my favourites in the series, and I hope that R* does eventually care enough to make a DLC with them in it.


GTAO - Now, this game is good one minute, and then a piece of overrated sh*t the next minute. I like how we can create a character, that was cool. I loved this game back in 2013-2014, but now it's just an excuse for microtransactions and the only people who play it (seemingly) are 12 year old children who scream into the mic and cry when the game doesn't go their way. This doesn't mean I hate the game, I just want to return to the classic story focused games R* are so good at. I hope R* learn from their mistakes with this one.

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So much misplaced butthurt in here... GTAO is awesome, some of you are really missing out. GTA can be both an amazing SP, and amazing MP game. It's only been 4 years since V, considering the detail of the HD games, 6-8 year dev time not only makes sense, but adds up IMO. What's the harm in playing a GTA MMO in the meantime while waiting for the next game?

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I: I was in my Preadolescence playing this game and not knowing what exactly I should do. It was the same for the London expansion and the PS1 follow up. Just driving around doing random things and occasionally respond to these weird muttering voices ringing on the payphone.


London1969 & London1961: Same as I


II: Same as the previous two


III: Skipped it because of not having a PS2 console at that time. I actually never had one until Summer 2003. I only bought III in 2005 after finishing and getting a bit tired of San Andreas. Going from SA to III was shocking and I couldn't continue playing it because of the disparity in the content.


VC: My first actual introduction to Grand Theft Auto world. I got my copy when I bought the PS2 and had a blast playing it for a year or so until San Andreas released, but mind you, I wasn't aware of game franchises and whatever GTA might be or whoever developed at that time, instead just a teenager enjoying his time with a popular game that's well received by other teenage friends around him.


SA: One of the most nostalgic experiences I had as a teenager. I remember the first time I took a glance of the game was during a slideshow on a video games TV channel in late 2003. It was this picture on display, and when I saw it, my teenage mind somehow connected the dots and knew this is related to Vice City since both have the same title (Grand Theft Auto). It wasn't until I had an internet connection in early 2004 that I was able to find more about it on gaming forums and from there I got addicted to reading every tiny bits of information until it was released in October of that year. I literally was printing fact sheets on A4 papers and sharing it among friends to have them amazed at what we can do in that game.


Advance: Never had it


Lcs:Never had it


Vcs: Never had it


IV: Oh boy! Grand Theft Auto went from worlds that looked more like cartoons to another and more advanced type that is a true representation to what a living, breathing world in a game could be. With the better technology of PS3, R* made a big transition and was finally able to create a fully-realized city that's vibrant and you can feel the weight of every step that Niko makes in the world. I was there on the waiting for this one to release since its first trailer that aired in late March 2007. It's up with San Andreas in terms of the nostalgia associated with it, but this one came during my mid-teens. IV made a large impact on me as it has changed my taste in gaming from random fun to another type of fun that is driven first and foremost by the storyline and the characters that populate these worlds. From that point, I couldn't enjoy a game or even think about getting it if it doesn't offer a story that's palatable (looking at you, V).


L&D: My favorite expansion of IV. It injected more breath into the world of LC and we were able to see the city from a different perspective. I enjoyed the driving physics of motorcycles.


TBGT: A great expansion from a gameplay point of view, but found the story and its characters tasteless. I hate those fake club-type people.


CTW: Never had it.


V: Great world building (could've been better), beautiful breathtaking scenery, and a very offensive storyline. Because of this, I consider it as a misstep and a big deviation from the well-developed world of IV. The writing was heavily dumbed down. What a shame!


VOnline: Apart form enjoyable story-driven co-op missions (heists), it's simply R*'s method to generate money that can fund their 5 years long projects. I have no interest in this type of Online world at all. Grindy and overly confusing with no direction.


VI: R* has all the time to go back and build upon the success of IV.

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-Advance: Never played it.


-TLAD: Greatest. DLC. Ever. Really hope that more "tie-in" style story DLCs like this are a thing in the future for R*.


-TBOGT: Second best DLC. Was a blast from start to finish. Reminded me of an action movie because of how crazy the stunts and missions were.


-Chinatown Wars: Enjoyed what very little I played of it, before my sh*tty phone deleted it on its own. But it wasn't the best game in the series. I do love the idea of a top-down HD Universe game though.

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slimeball supreme

i kinda wanna put my views forward in a more analytical way than just "lmao awesone game i like how badass niko is!" so like here goes


2D GTA's - I never played these much and I probably never will play them to the extent I've played the others, but for what they're worth they're decent. Even if they're not my cup of tea, I can still recognize that there were elements of these ones that really helped to define the series as a whole.


GTA III - It might seem simplistic in comparison to everything else in the series now, particularly in it's story and world building... but there's still charm to it. They did really try to make something new with III, the progression from the slums to the skyscrapers. It's cliched now, yes, but it was still new ground for video games back in the day.


Vice City - Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with Vice City, but it's pretty weak. The gameplay is possibly weaker than III, the map is barebones and feels small (even though there are some really nice areas, like Little Haiti and Washington Beach), the story itself is short and weak, and in general it's not the best. But despite all that, for it's time it was great - and even today, it's a classic.

San Andreas - Even though this one is really fun and has a lot of variation in the world, this one still gets a lot of flak. It's still either the strongest or second strongest story in the 3D Era, even if it's a bit slim on the thoughtfulness. It's still a classic rags to riches story with witty characters and strokes of brilliance hidden among the charm. People act like this one is super wacky just because of the jet pack and the skydiving or whatever, but Tenpenny's missions are ones of espionage, and the story is set under the backdrop of the 90's crack epidemic.

Liberty City Stories - It's decent. No real comment here. It's just alright.


Vice City Stories - VCS was pretty much the bridge being built for IV. Even though it still had the wacky missions and the pastel colors of Vice City, underneath was still a relatively serious story for the 3D Universe.


GTA IV - This is my favorite game. Like, ever. It's a story that intertwines the tale of a broken man and his struggles through an unforgiving world, and a critique of modern America's capitalism and xenophobia. There's so much subtle brilliance within the narrative it would take a lot more than a paragraph to write.

TLAD - I didn't like this one compared to IV and TBoGT, especially in hindsight. There was a lot of intricate meaning woven into IV's story, greater symbolism, characters who developed and had their own struggles. TLAD didn't really have any of that. It was still gritty in a way, there was still a serious tone and some banter. But was there that greater journey? The comments on decadent capitalism through the eyes of an outsider? Apart from some angry men who said mean things every now and then, there's no progression or comment the story makes, apart from the hamfisted inclusion of Stubbs. Johnny isn't intriguing, he isn't a flawed man or a character with struggles. His only problem apart from the Sons of Anarchy Lost's leadership struggles is his girlfriend. Grittiness ≠ Quality.

TBOGT - Even though it was a shift in tone from the previous two, the story is far better than TLaD's in most ways. The conflict between Luis' roots and his new opportunities, the stubbornness of his old friends, the inanity of his new ones, and the vapidity of celebrity worship and clubbing culture.


CTW - This game is really, really good. It's a partial tribute to the early games in the series, a continuation of the world created in IV, and a great DS game that had a lot of effort put into making it unique. The story is also incredibly unconventional for a GTA (like V, actually) and very good in it's own right. It also reminds me of GTA Advance, like, a lot.


GTA V - There is depth and nuance to this story in a way that rivals IV, and beneath what seems to be goofy humor and low blow targets, there's an important message and a gripping story about greed - and about how we can never escape our past. It doesn't really matter how much I can and could say about this one, though. Nobody cares.


Online - it's fun but thats it


VI - v was not good so i will not buy it !

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It's going to be a long one... Please bear with me! This is my love letter to the series. :p



GTA & GTA2 - I really never played these games all that much since I started to know and play GTA when I got introduced with Vice City and San Andreas. My dad however has a copy of both GTA & GTA2 on the PlayStation 1. I actually had lots of fun with these games, especially GTA2. I liked GTA 1 with the fact that it had three big cities to explore and cause havoc. The game was pretty barebones, and simple, but the fun I had with the short time experiencing it was memorable. GTA2 on the other hand was an improvement to the original. It was pretty wacky, and crazy fun. The story is a lot more complex than the first one, with some memorable moments too. With all the fun, and zaniness doubled up from the first one. It really is a awesome sequel indeed.


GTA III - Now this is where it gets interesting. I admit that GTA III wasn't the first GTA I ever played, and admittedly was not as blown away as most people did back in '01 but GTA III has a special place within my love and passion for GTA. GTA III was basically the introduction of what the series mostly stands for these days. It had a big sprawling open-world, it had a great story, with memorable characters, and with the fun, and insanity of the 2D titles. A great game that was ahead of it's time, and still is one of the greatest, and most revolutionary games of all time. A controversial game that spawned many issues, and introduced the satire, and critique of American culture, and values. As of today however, it did not stood the test of time pretty well, but it started the blockbuster success that the series had since.


GTA Vice City - I think this is the best 3D era title. This game improved on the basic aspects of what made III so successful. Rockstar took GTA to the past, instead of the present, and I would consider a love letter to movies like Brian De Palma's Scarface, and the Michael Mann produced Miami Vice, as well as the time period it represents. Homages aside, Vice City provided some of the best entertainment I had in a video game. This game had everything to cherish for. It had a very memorable story with equally memorable characters. Tommy has all the wit, charm, and confidence that stood out from other GTA protagonists. The city was awesome to explore, and seeing the atmospheric neon, and pastel colored lights reminiscent of 80's Miami was outstanding. Lastly, the soundtrack was something never seen before. It had most of the popular blockbuster/platinum hit songs we all know and love today. I am very nostalgic of Vice City, and I think it is a high point for the franchise. It is not the most original game by any means, but it is a glorious title for such a storied series.


GTA San Andreas - This a very unpopular opinion. Most people here, or even outside here love GTA San Andreas for it's story, gameplay, map, and customization. But in all honesty, I have not warmed up to this game as much as I did with Vice City. Admittedly I have a love/hate relationship with the game. I found the story to be mostly uninteresting, and dull, the characters are mostly hit, and miss with some even unbearable (OG Loc). The RPG elements are more annoying, than elevate the experience. On the other hand, despite it's age, I found that the map was very varied, and I love the across the state journey that CJ had over the course of the game. But what stood out from San Andreas is the underlying allure that most games do not have. While it's not really perfect, or amazing, it had that longevity, and stroke of genius that set it apart from others.


GTA Liberty City Stories - Even though it is not really the most noteworthy GTA, it is still a great title with a more subdued story, and characters that are just as memorable as the main 3D era titles. The story is a more simplistic and welcoming tale involving the City's biggest mafia families. And seeing Liberty City in a different setting was peculiar, but refreshing at the same time. I really enjoyed seeing it in a more lighter note. It somewhat lacks the big budget feel and quality of the Home Console titles, and it's gameplay, and controls were not all that great. But it had that delightfulness that oozes from it's small scale, and it's simplicity.


GTA Vice City Stories - A very underappreciated game in the series. I honestly enjoyed VCS nearly as much as I did with Vice City. It had most of the elements that made Vice City so memorable. The story was more grounded, and down to earth than VC's, but I found it to be not as memorable, or entertaining enough. Empire Building however was the highlight of VCS. I really dig the amount of replayability, and the overall richness of the feature. For the first time in the GTA series, I actually felt like the leader of a criminal organization. I think VCS did it better than VC did IMO. The problems however were starting to show. Like LCS it did not have the budget, or the magic of the main 3D titles.The City however wasn't as appealing or special as it does in Vice City as it mostly felt the same, and not distinct enough to differentiate the two. Like San Andreas, VCS was Rockstar trying to experiment, and establish with a more serious, and sensible story that eventually perfected in their next GTA title, in which I'm about to talk to later.


GTA IV - There are so many games that I absolutely adore, cherish, and love. And then there are games that are just so damn unforgettable, and full of sheer brilliance. Metal Gear Solid 2, The Witcher III, The Last of Us, and GTA IV are the only games on that list. Among those few select games however, I think GTA IV is best among them. I have nothing but full of praise with how incredible GTA IV is. A incredible story of Niko Bellic following his journey through a city of lies, deception, betrayal, corruption, and criminality as we see his intolerance, and struggle following the american way of life. With more serious themes of post 9/11 trauma, capitalism, greed, and how the so called American Dream would mean today. A enthralling experience. A true gem of our generation, and the greatest game of all time. Rockstar's Magnum Opus indeed.


The Lost and Damned - The greatest DLC of all time. I have never experienced a Downloadable Expansion that serves to be better than most $60 full priced games out there. The story is a gritty, and valiant tale of revenge, brotherhood, and loyalty. Like it's fellow Liberty City brethren, it is a story that can pull your heartstrings at any given moment, but also having the wit, and humor that is signature to the series. With improvements and additional content from Vanilla IV, and a protagonist just as equally captivating as Niko, I can assure you that TLAD is a experience unlike any other.


The Ballad of Gay Tony - I did not connect that much with TBOGT compared to IV, or TLAD, but it shown a lighter, and different side to Liberty City. It is completely opposite of what IV, and TLAD has established. It is a fun, and bombastic experience, but the excitement of IV, and TLAD were gone in exchange for bigger action setpieces, and not establishing connection between the characters. Despite all that, TBOGT is still great expansion with all the fun content you can muster.


GTA V - Like San Andreas, I have a love/hate relationship with GTA V. It did had a mostly incoherent story, with annoying, and forgettable characters. With the bigger focus to over the top humor, and satire of American culture, it certainly struggled to provide depth, and cleverness with it's mostly well acted cast. It tried its best to give the message of the characters pursuing the almighty dollar and how it means for them, but the lack of charm, and monotonous and uninspired writing struggles to provide a gripping narrative that made it's exciting premise to be dull. Despite that, there are key moments within the story that provide the stroke of genius that Rockstar always have done before, and with a few select characters like Michael that are really entertaining to watch. It also struggles to find balance within it's identity between gameplay, and story. But I admit, I have a huge chunk of fun playing GTA V, and it is genuinely a good game, with amazing graphics, varied customization, beautiful map, a great soundtrack. But it fails to live up to expectations with Rockstar's ambition to make the best GTA game yet.

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