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It has been a fun ride.

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Hello there, fellow designers,


No, this is not one of those attention seeking "Oh, I'm leaving because nobody gives me attention" kind of posts. It's a post by a man who has grown up and now has adult responsibilities to face and can no longer dedicate time for something he once loved.


As most of you probably have noticed that I have disappeared for quite some time, and that despite having worked on several projects, I never delivered them to the day of light. There has been a reason for that, and it's called adulthood. I am no longer able to dedicate time to DYOM. This is one of the most life-deciding periods of my life - I am finishing school. We're having our last, graduation exams in the upcoming three-four weeks and then we'll graduate school. Once that's over, I'll be working for the rest of the summer and then pursue my goal carreer. It has been a sad realisation that well, I am no longer a teenager with a lot of time and creativity of his hands, and that I am an adult who has to start putting his future together and has to steer away from some teenage things, DYOM being one of them.


I wish to thank you all for this great expierience. I hope that this community will not die out and remain active for as long as possible. This was a place where I could let my creativity flow. I remember being a 13 year old with still little computer knowledge, playing GTA singleplayers and thinking "Wow, I wish I could make something like that", then googling how to make a mission in GTA only to find Sanny Builder, which, when opened, causes me to "WTF". The day I discovered DYOM was miraculous to me, as I had an opportunity to realise all these GTA plots that I wanted to create so badly yet had no coding expierience. This is a really unique mod that shows how much a games life can be prolonged if developers are friendly to modders. That's something Rockstar has to be reminded in regards of GTA V...


In no means is this a final goodbye. I won't completely disappear. I'll still lurk in the forums and perhaps share my sarcastic opinion from time to time (how would you do without it?), but don't expect me to design or play anything. I will also help remove some trouble causers from time to time if the DYOM heads will be kind enough to let me keep my moderator status on the DYOM webpage, though, ofcourse, considering the fact they're nowhere to be seen for the past year, I'll probably keep it for the next ten years.


So, see you, and keep on designing.




Former Designer


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sh*t.. I can relate to this post so much lol except I never posted it publicly about it . I am going on 24 years old right now getting finished with college and working a part time job (which I will leave eventually to pursue my career). My only addition to it is when I had tried to come back, I had no interest or tried to make the time for designing. You get to a point where your patience and motivation for something dwindles and it isn't the same feeling when you were younger.

There are plenty of other things I enjoy and have more patience for than designing missions. My hobbies, activities and things I do for fun haven't really changed much, they don't plan to. Just as for some specific things like DYOM, I have no interest at all anymore. But I still respect it and don't dislike it.

It is just the bigger picture is realizing there is more important things to do and understanding nobody will be doing the same thing forever.

Thanks for making this post and Have fun with your future endeavors! :)

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Sad to see you leaving fella. Well, i know how it is, adult responsibilities. Everything's becoming more serious every day. Good luck in life, may the God help you make your path easier. :^:

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