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Brothers Of Grim Mc Xbox one recruiting


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Brothers Of Grim are an up and coming Xbox one 1% mc, we currently have 2 chapters so that were split in over 18s and under 18s but we all play together and we always hanging together but its just so we can build even bigger ! We also have a TDM chapter open for the best shots of both chapters !


Check out the website - http://brothersofgrimmc.weebly.com


My social club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/thywazza


Club social club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/brothersofgrim_mc_v

Edited by ThyWazza
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The patch is in !!!! Unfortunately we the white box around it but so does most clubs now, so we will all jsut have to put up with it

Edited by ThyWazza
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Yo dude,


If you change the background colour on your emblem to the 3rd to last colour from black, it should blend in nicely with all black leather jackets!

I've also had some trouble with the transparent background, and found that this was the best temporary solution.


Hope it helps!


Shuggie - President of BSMC

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Thanks man but mine was a custom I didn't make it in the emblem maker man so there nothing I'm able to do haha it sucks but were all just gonna have to deal with it !

Oh and for everyone else the first 9 has been chosen, prospecting is now ready to begin so check out the website and send me and add or send me a message !

Gt- ThyWazza

-VP of Brothers Of Grim

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Ahh i see!.. that does suck haha!


Good luck with the recruiting dude! Our crews should have a ride together sometime! maybe throw on a lil fight club too haha?!

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Yeah sounds good to me, I'm guessing your gamertag is the same as your name I'll throw you an add

Edited by ThyWazza
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There's one spot left in first 9 we had a stuff around I thought it was a new guy haha so get in before the prospecting begins !

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