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A Prediction of the releasing date for new updates


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[*\\Warning//*] ALL of the information below has no evidence to prove and is very likely to be wrong. What I post in this topic ONLY based on my pure predictions.



I believe many players (including me) can't wait to see those new updates come to the game. There already are many people start complaining about the announcement R* made last week.


I believe the reason why people are getting mad at R*, mainly is that they have no idea what does "soon" mean to the R* .


Considering that R* hasn't made any specific descriptions for "further adventures in finance and felony" and "cunning stunts" separately, I believe that one of these two updates is not coming "that soon" like most people expected.


After I had a second thought of the picture R* posted for "Cunning stunts"

, all that pattern on the tubes recalls me the clothing and liveries from "the independence day" updates, which have never appeared on any other kinds of items. So my first prediction is that maybe the "cunning stunts" is just a another way to introduce the updates for the independence day. so the likely releasing date is the 1st day of July.


If that prediction come true, then the "further adventures in finance and felony" is not very likely to be in the game on this week. My prediction is that the update will come at the end of May, or the first few days in June.


Considered all the possibilities above. Both of these two updates might be the only big update for June and July, which i would say, a perfect match for R* style.

Edited by RoCk3T_L
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June announcement >>>


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[*\\Warning//*] ALL of the information below has no evidence to prove and is very likely to be wrong.

The most important part of this thread
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ill be right the day after it comes out

Edited by LL Cool L
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As long as something's on it's way relatively soon I'll be happy - this month is the first time since GTAO's release I've stopped feeling the need to play regularly.



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All I read was the first part...

At least i wasn't trying to waste all your precious time read all of them and tell you all of those are actually BS in the end.



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