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Simple Camera Trick to Reduce Shimmering and Increase FPS


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Go to: Settings - Camera - First Person Head Bobbing - Turn "Off"




I went for a drive the other day on my motorcycle. I was in the mountains and overlooking trees buildings and ocean. It was very relaxing. Enjoying the radio and view I noticed everything was moving... ever so slightly... but everything was moving. I got off of my motorcycle... and again everything I could see was moving. It was subtle but consistent. As most of you well know with movement comes shimmering unless you have aliasing settings cranked up to high settings. The higher your alias settings the more taxed your poor GPU is. With that said I dove into my camera settings. I realized that the more my GPU had to smooth edges and angles, the more power it required and of course my FPS confirmed my suspicions. I found the Camera setting "First Person Head Bobbing". It was "On", so I turned it "Off". As I exited the menu and returned to the game play it was obvious that almost all "shimmering" was gone. The only movement in my game was the trees in the wind and cars passing by. No longer does my GPU have to alias the power lines and buildings in the background. Of course as you walk, drive, fly in the game your GPU will be hard at work... but this tweak will free up resources for those who like to "stop and smell the roses". If you like driving and stop occasionally for a red light or pedestrian, you will notice faster FPS and less "shimmering". If you are out for a walk in the woods or countryside, if you stop and enjoy any view GTA has to offer, you will realize a large improvement in clarity and FPS.


For those of you with powerhouse computers running the top tier NVIDIA or compatible GPU's then you probably do not care about this tip, but for the rest of you like me that want the most from your GPU including high FPS and Maximum Visual Settings, then I recommend giving this Camera Trick a go.


Please post your thoughts and I hope this helps you as it has helped me.


Good gaming everyone and I hope to see you in GTAONLINE land....

Edited by nebraskathomas
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