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Unofficial PS4 friends thread!


Recommended Posts


Looking for new people to play with? Post your gamer tags!

Please include:


- Where you're from/language.


- If you've got a mic.


- Games you play.


- Preferred age group of any.


- PSN gamertag.


- Any other relevant information.


Happy adding!


-Got a mic.

-GTA Online obviously ;)

-Dont care what age as long as your not annoying.


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Canada (English / French)

Got a mic

Preference for missions and heists

Prefer playing with adults


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Gibraltar (english/spanish)

Have mic


Prefer playing with 18+


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UK live in the US. English.

Have mic.

GTA, Rocket League, Naruto

Prefer to play with adults but if you're mature and not an annoying squeaker then it's all good.



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-GTA (any jobs/missions, but heists will have to wait for the weekends), Overwatch (the 24th!), Rocket League, Six Siege, The Division



Edited by nkaujrog
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- Have a Mic

-GTA, Rainbow six siege, the divison, ESO,Destiny, and a couple of others

-usually 18+ but as long as your not annoying its cool.


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Indiana, USA


Usually avoid online games until recently so GTA Online and Uncharted 4 mp

18+ but idc really


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Have a mic
GTA V, Battlefield 4, Battlefront
Any age as long as your not a squeaker

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- Northern Ireland /English

- Mic : Yes


- 18+

- ride_the_spiral

- I was born without ribs

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