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new motherboard and cpu to start

Frank ツ

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im noticing this game is pretty cpu heavy , i get 65 fps most of the time . my 2 7970's usally run at 50-60 ish procent but the cpu usage is quite high.


so im looking for a new motherboard and cpu to start with.


my current setup is


asrock extreme 3 gen 3 Z68 1155 <- im not saying this motherboard is bad but i want a different brand since its not always flawless


i7 2600 clocked at 4.2 with a corsair h60 , im looking for a new i7 cpu .


16 gb ddr3 memory at 1333 speed <- ive heard 1333 is getting quite old now so what speed should be a minimum?


crossfire 7970 <- i upgrade that later


750 watt power


and a couple of ssd's <- im gonna re use those



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You will need an 1151 mobo, DDR4 RAM and a 6000 series CPU. Would suggest a new CPU cooler too, H60 is not sufficient enough imo. Get a GTX1070 when it comes out soon, it's as powerful as a Titan X for ~$400US.

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RAM speed doesn't mean sh*t anymore, especially when it comes to games. 1333MHz is more than enough.

I have a friend maxing out GTA V with an overclocked i7 920. A 1st gen i7, and not even the best in its generation. Your CPU is fine.


Invest in a better GPU, preferably a single GPU with high performance rather than two or more with lower performance. For GTA V you need high video RAM like 4GB.


GTA V is anything but CPU intensive.

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RAM speed doesn't mean sh*t anymore, especially when it comes to games. 1333MHz is more than enough.

RAM speed is important as slow RAM will bottleneck the entire system. They don't even sell 1333mhz anymore in stores, so you definitely should not be using old, sh*t RAM in new systems.

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To be honest your framerate doesn't really tell us much. There are so many more variables...like your video settings, programs that are open on your computer in the background, etc.


If you could tell us all the settings in you graphics settings and advanced graphics settings, that'd help a lot.


As it is right now, I don't think you need an upgrade. You could upgrade to a i7 3770K, and overclock your RAM...you won't need a new motherboard nor will you need new RAM. Not sure how much of a performance increase the i7 3770k will be for you, but if you REALLY have to, that's the best cost effective option I know of.


RAM frequency/speed isn't very important since they're still faster than the fastest SSDs on the consumer market even at 1333MHz, but if you have to, just overclock your RAM to 1866MHz. It's not going to hurt anything in most cases. If it does, you were looking to upgrade anyway.

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