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NBA All Time Fantasy Draft [game sign ups]

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Hi, guys.


This game is called ''NBA All Time Fantasy Draft''. I made a similar spin to it purely for fun based on football(soccer) a long time ago. This game is about assembling your best possible fictional NBA team of all times. Anyone that wishes to participate, you can sign up in this topic. When (if) a decent amount of participants joins in, I will open up an official game topic where I'll post the players lists and the participant's ''turn list'' which will serve as a reminder whose turn is it to make a selection.



1. This game will have 12 rounds which are in ''snake format''. Snake format means the participants pick 1 player from the ''players lists'' when their turn comes. When they get to the last participant of the round, that participant gets a ''back-to-back'' picks, meaning the last pick of the current round and the first pick of the next round aswell. Then the list goes from bottom to the top. (The participant who had the first pick of the previous round will have the last pick of the next one and the first pick of the round after that, then the cycle goes until the end of the game.

2. Since this game has 12 rounds, it means the participants pick 12 players for their teams (5 for their starting lineup and and 7 players as substitutes).

3. NO trades/re-selections are allowed.

4. You can pick a player only when your turn comes and only the players that haven't been picked by other participants. (The participant's turn list will be available once I open up the official game topic.)


5. Each participant (when his respective turn comes) has 24 hours to make a selection. If a participant does not make a selection within the time given, he will be skipped, the turn list list will proceed in order and the participants that may have been skipped during the 12 rounds will have the chance to fill their teams' empty slots at the end of the 12th round when all the other participants who haven't been skipped during the game filled their teams. Of course, the remaining participants who were skipped and have to additionally fill the slots in their teams will be able to choose only the players who haven't been selected during the 12 rounds of the game.


In the end, when all the teams are filled, the participants will vote on whose team they find to be the best. Of course, you won't be able to vote for yourself.


Anyone is free to join in as long as you are active once the game starts. :)

Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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Sounds interesting. I would like to participate.

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