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Name your most creative/impress GTA Kill


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Last night I hit somebody on foot with the machine guns on the starling. He was a tryhard too which made it even better.

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When you've mastered sniping with the Heavy Revolver/Navy Revolver...



Smooth double sniper kill on biker and dude in a car:



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Wish I had it on video, but my most impressive GTA kill was in story mode, where I was standing maybe ~150 meters away from Benny's & managed to snipe the pilot of a blimp that was flying next to the skyscraper. I shot, got disappointed it didn't hit, but literally a split second after that, I got a headshot on that pilot & made the blimp explode.


My jaw literally dropped :D

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Arrows to Athens

Sniped a guy parachuting from his jet twice in a row, the first being a hitmarker. Pretty sweet.



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Arrows to Athens

I think this may be my first ever jet takeout with a sniper, and it was smooth as hell.



Edited by Arrows to Athens
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Just found this footage from year's ago I was in one of those player made jobs car vs gun type thing, I was outnumbered 3 to 1 but I still got them :)



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Arrows to Athens

My pistol sniping is getting a bit better.



Don't know how I got him here:



Pretty impressive, I must say. Terrorbyte + Navy Revolver/Heavy Revolver Mk2 = Perfection. Until that twat shows up on his broomstick.

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this was one of my easy kills (today).


easy homing launcher kill

and also today i had an easy bounty kill.

i was driving my khanjaali and i was driving down the highway in paleto bay when i saw on the map a random with a bounty and he started driving towards me, when i encountered him i blasted him and claimed the bounty.


easy bounty kill

Edited by hugh750
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Both from this past week while enjoying the little bit of free time away from work and my baby boy.


1. No-scope sniped a pilot out of a Hydra. I will never, ever be able to recreate that, just a perfect mix of timing and reaction.


2. Akula flying in the distance, just barely visible as a blur through the scope. Somehow I snipe the pilot out, turn, and manage to hip fire somebody OTR running up on me.


I should probably record some of these at some point.

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Tryhard kills me, I killed him with an SMG through the head while he's wearing some sort of super armor. It took around 2 rounds because his skull was that thick for his small brain. Then I left the lobby and carried on with my business.

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One time I was in the clothing store and this guy killed me then immeditely went into passive mode.  When I spawned and went to him he stood in the street and flicked me off over and over.  I then stole a streetcar,  drove down the street,  hit a u-turn then went full speed towards him.  Once I was close I dove out the car.  The car hit him and killed him.  lol


EDIT: just watched the vid above me doing the same thing lol


On 7/7/2020 at 1:31 AM, gnomefromnome said:

Kamikazied a tank with a Sticky bomb


I do this a lot.  No need to go Kamikazi.  Put stickies on the car,  drive it towards the target then dive out.  Once the car hits the target d-pad BOOM! ;P

Edited by BumpyJohnson
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  • 4 months later...

There was a bounty heading my way and it looked like he was in a vehicle, but it looked like he bailed out or something because his character was rolling around on the floor. I fired a rocket as an automatic response, seeing as I would lock onto his car automatically, but when I shot the rocket, it took him out as he was on the floor. Perfect timing,



Edited by Arrows to Athens
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I  came across a pair of cock waffles persistently aggravating me in this lobby and I somehow managed to get a collateral kill on both of them which I did not anticipate.


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  • 3 weeks later...
Arrows to Athens

Finally managed to get a free aim mid-air kill with the Toreador.



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Ok ok ok. So, like this one time I was flying my MKII shooting anyone who my radar locked onto and and I see this person who was minding their own business go into a clothing store. So I was like, "AWESOME!! FREE KD FO ME!!" and I waited till they were browsing the shirts, landed outside and shot the clerk then shot them with an RPG then I did the choo choo dance over their body and flew off.





Edited by FrugalDangerMan
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