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Name your most creative/impress GTA Kill


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last night, i randomly jiumped into a bodyguard mission: I was bored, driving around the city, shopping and flipping people off, so why not? Needless to say, as the 3 other targets went down so quickly, i figured some MKII monster was going to come for my ward. Sure enough, I catch a missile from the rear, and die in flames. I respawn a short distance away, and sprint back over, because he hasn't left yet. Apparently, he was waiting for his buddy in a Buzzard to land. We're at the docks, I'm ducked in the crates, and come around firing. The one guy, just hovering on his mk, tried to evade, but i caught him clean with a raking across the bike, his body, and ending in a headshot. His friend in the Buzzard is by now coming in low and slow, as he really didnt have time/altitude to do anything other than run. I'll give him credit: he did get the guns turned around on me, and fired i let off  and caught him clean. We're in the docks, they have their toys, and I am on foot. SO, we are playing hide n seek in the crates. 3-0  x2 against some not even centenarians isn't a big deal, but  its one my best in recent memory

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Just farmed my second character a little bit and get called modder afterwards :D






Edited by Tomtomsengermany
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Technically it wasn't my kill but it wouldn't have happened without me so here is one of my top ones


I was in a jet and blasting people in the past. Two guys got pissed and started chasing after me. I did some maneuvers to escape their cannon hits and caused them to crash into each other and die. That was probably one of the funniest.


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aims at me from one meter away with a rocket launcher

shoots when i go passive

kills himself/herself

Edited by Max.pain
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  • 2 weeks later...

OMFG I just f*cking did it, I sticky bombed a jet as a bird!!! Video incoming.



Edited by No Homing
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i threw a few mines behind me for cops/tryhards and after 3 minutes i blew up the biggest tryhard on the map that killed me three times before lol(not on purpose, at the time i even forgot i threw mines)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I dont have a video nor a gif, but a Mark 2 and his friend in a car were trying to kill me, and after his friend fails to ram me, i manage to jump to the co-pilot seat. They are in an organization together, so the Mark 2 cant lock-on to his friends car, so he starts going down to the ground level to kill me, but as he is lowering altitude, i shoot him in the head, his friend jumps out, pulls out a widowmaker, but the animation of stepping out takes too long and i shoot him first. Felt pretty good.

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  • 2 months later...

Free aim with the heatseaker on a pesky MkII


another free aim kill on an upcoming Buzzard, starts a 0:50 if the link didn't work

bonus death.


same player comes in and gets blown up at a gas pump after the buzzard kill


Edited by gnomefromnome
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You do it to yourself, you do, you and no-one else.



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