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Hi guys, finally managed to save $1million to register as a VIP, can i ask something before i do it, after your vip time runs out to you get the million dollars back pr do you actually have to spend the money?

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You don't spend any you just have to have it in your account

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the 1 million thing is just a requirement for being a vip, it won't cost you 1 million.

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If I understood well your question, you're pretty much asking if by activating VIP you loose 1 million dollars. If so, the answer is no, of course.


The 1 million dollars requirement is meant to be a requirement to be a VIP - after all, what kind of VIP is not a millionaire, and instead just your random broke entrepreneur driving a cheaper version of a BMW and owning an iPhone 4 he bought in 2015, just for the status, right? :p


You need to have 1 million dollars to become VIP, but that amount won't be taken from you, or frozen so you can't spend it while you're VIP. You're fine, go ahead and enjoy your hours of high life!

Edited by KingAndy
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Ahh i see thats cleared it up, thanks you guys properly helpful as ever. :)

Edited by Rottieman92
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Of course, you "could" always invest that money in a nice, new Pegasus vehicle, like...


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Haha erm i think ill take a rain check on that thanks FW3 :)

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