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An odd discovery about PEDGRP.DAT and CARGRP.DAT

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It seems that the further to the right an entry is, the harder it is to find. However, this can be pushed to the extreme, making some things nearly impossible to find! (looking at you, Phoenix, Bus, FCR-900, Berkeley's RC Van, and Euros.)


For example, the Phoenix is extremely hard to find. What do I do? I removed it's entry from POPCYCLE_GROUP_RICH and moved it all the way to the beginning. I then go to The Strip, and voila! Phoenixes everywhere.


Another example; try finding an Emperor in the rich areas of LV. Not appearing. Ever. Why? Because "EMPEROR" is all the way to the right.

(I didn't bother with this, since who really wants an Emperor? It's a worthy sacrifice to get my Phoenix back.)


If the Phoenix hadn't appeared in that race in SF, we'd be calling it a "cut beta vehicle" because it doesn't appear at all, even with the default CARGRP.DAT including it!



I figured this applies to PEDGRP.DAT, too. Actually, I was thinking that a few of the "beta peds" are actually in PEDGRP.DAT already, yet not spawning due to this bug! So I took the last 5 entries in every PEDGRP.DAT line, and moved them to the beginning. I did notice some new peds around.


I even took the last two drug dealer peds and moved them to the beginning, and now the old two drug dealers never spawn, and are replaced by the new two!



I actually hope someone can fix this through a patch or something.



P.S; Try adding DSHER and CDEPUT to the PYPCYCLE_GROUP_FARMERS. It adds two cut cops that spawn out of town walking around and driving civilian vehicles. Watch out, though, they can still bust you!

I also reccommend adding more instances of BUS and COACH in CARGRP.DAT; it just "feels" right.

Edited by SkyEye MCCIX

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I feel like this was already known.

Ped and Car Config?, but still an interesting discovery.

The problem is that you always post ( game data/configuration related stuff ) in the wrong section. You should always share such discoveries in GTA III, VC & SA modding section with a better knowledge base for bringing it to the attention of the modders into more detail concerning game data in general.

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Pedgrp functions in a similar way to the cargrp file, but I'm not sure on the limit. The data is read from the file into a memory table, and each car group within the table is limited to only 23 entries. The Phoenix and Euros are always listed beyond this limit, so they never spawn. IIRC, Emperors and Slamvans are more rare than they need to be, but appear within other groups. Berkley's RC Van is an odd vehicle. For whatever reason it is only driven by a single ped, and that ped rarely spawns by design - civmale or something that the files specify shouldn't be included in the groups. Editing my car groups to include only RC Vans has always resulted in a virtual ghost town.


The drug dealers are associated with towns somehow. The biker dealer will normally appear in SF if the gang zones are added to the area. The hispanic dealer will spawn in most areas but only if poorly documented zone variables are tweaked.


Limit adjuster mods might resolve some of your issues.

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