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LCD TV has wavy lines when connected by S-Video

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I was given an AOC LC32W063 TV, but I don't have an HDMI cord and have been using an older video card and SVideo for years to output to my television. Looked great on the older CRT TV, but on this new one there's these weird waving lines, they're most evident on any kind of straight vertical line, they flow down it horizontally like a barber's poll and the very outer edge has some kind of "ripple" like border. It's noticable on text more than anything but sometimes with a lot of horizontal movement it will look like poorly deinterlaced video. I tried to set my video card to the right refresh rates and there was no difference (not to mention it does it straight from the BIOS so I don't think it's a driver/software issue) so I'm wondering if maybe this TV just sucks with S-Video? It seems to do it with the RCA adapter from my 360 too...


Anyway it would probably be an easier thing to just get an HDMI cable, since my computer does have and HDMI out on the onboard graphics. I've just never tried to use it so don't know if it really works, plus I use Linux so that kind of makes the support side of it a little different, and AMD drivers generally suck on Linux so it would be nice if the SVideo connection could be nicer. Plus I'm still not really sure if it's the computer side or the TV that's the problem.



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HDMI will work on Linux, no problem. Plus, in this day and age it makes no sense to use an analog video connector. Digital is supreme in everything in terms of image quality and you are free from interference.

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Turns out my motherboard is garbage. It has a DVI and an HDMI port but only one can display anything at a time, not to mention the HDMI seems to not work. Lame!

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