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WIP HD Claude Speed for GTA V

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uraniom can replace peds too

*which are in parts such as mp_niko , mp_claude or copy them and make them as new ped

first you need to replace michael head then you can copy modded michael head to custom characters

but I think making the characters as dlc's might be better of course, you can create custom characters easier.


it is better but you need to edit gameconfig.xml too *remove some limits

+ sometimes it might be glitchy

for example me and fan of saints had a bug which did "remove" parts of the world

it would remove some area *models + collisions

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I've never seen work like yours! AMAZING! Love all the characters made by you Almico, you are the best modder I've ever seen. Keep up the good work. It will be nice when the the full support of GIMS arrives in GTA V! CJ + Claude HD :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

BUT, I think the cheekbones or cheek or whatever calls, are a bit fat, just a little bit. Anyway, if you are not thinking in making radical changes to the face, can you send me a front view? With good lighting. Please. Thank you

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I like this, especially since it actually resembles Claude. Keep it up :^:

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Amazing mod!! :colgate::colgate::colgate::^::^:

I can not wait 4 the upload

Edited by catjack

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Is the mod already released? How can i get a link?

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