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What is your most impressive/embarrassing pvp match


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If you have pictures and videos of your crazy pvp fights, please share them below. Also feel free to tell your story behind the pictures and/or videos of the action. If you're a griefer, troll, virtual-fascist, or internet thug... this is the place to brag about it... thanks guys

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dont have pics or video as this was back on ps3...


i once took on a crew of 7 all by myself, they were not organized so it was easy for me to take them out and repeatedly spawnkill their leader, 30mins later i moved to a roof, when passive and declared my victory over them as they 2 of them whwn away and came back in tanks.


you know youre shaming them when they feel the need to pull 2 tanks on you.

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this one time I went on a 22 killstreak against a friend and his pal

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Vicious R1

I've had countless insane sessions but the best so far was a couple days ago. A mafia crew was ontop of a roof with an Annihilator. I circled the area on my Akuma to find a good vantage point. I scoped out with my heavy sniper, 2 are on the right side of the building and 1 was on the left side. I couldn't see the 4th. I aimed towards the left target, hewas already scoping in on me but I lined up the shot and fired. 1 shot kill. Immediately after i aimed towards the other 2. 1 was on the ledge, the other wasn't but right behind him. I took a shot at the guy on the ledge, another 1 shot kill. As soon as i shot, the other guy climbed up on the same ledge to watch his crew mate get sniped. I took another shot and killed him with the 1.. Literally all three snipes were fast enough to show a triple kill on the kill feed... I got on the bike and relocated so I wouldn't get caught on the spawn. I quickly picked a spot and scoped the roof again.. The 4th guy was just taking off in the heli.. I lined up the reticle and winged it.. Insane.. 1 shot took him out of the heli.. 4 shots, 4 kills. And the last was the icing on the cake..


Damn i wish i wasrecording then..

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My most recent was when I and two of my random team mates went against 4 others in a bumper cars LTS. A round usually ended up being 2v3, but for the last 3 rounds I ended up 1v3 and have managed to take all 3 down in these 3 rounds by making them come out of their cars and fight me while also charging at them myself. I ended up clutching victory for my team.

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I was doing bumper cars it was me vs 4 guys they all got out of their cars I got out of my car hoping to take at least 1 of them out before they got me. I was fighting 2 guys I got one of them when the third guy came running up I started smashing my B button and took both of them out by then I was very low on health but there was still a couple of minutes left in the round so I chased after the last guy and got him winning the whole match with just about no health left. After that one of my teammates sent me a message saying nice work we messaged each other for a bit and he was the first person that wasn't a real life friend that I added to my friends list.


Once when I was robbing a store 2 high level douchebags came over in a turreted Insurgent trying to kill me I got one but the other one shot an RPG into the store. When I respawned I killed them both at least 5 times each I don't know the actual score because they never managed to kill me. They were both over rank 300.


I was fighting 5 guys at once using a Sniper and Advanced Rifle while one guy was spamming RPGs I was doing fairly well until I lagged out.


I had a normal deathmatch as a daily objective and since it takes forever to get someone to join a DM and most quick jobs are TDM I joined a crappy user created DM but it was another TDM but I decided stick around anyway until someone got the guns but no one did. In the end my team won and I got the most kills out of everyone I also got a pretty good killstreak and for the first time ever I was the one with the bounty.


I've seen the you are dominating someone but I have never seen the you are owning someone and you are embarrassing someone thing before.





Edited by maxx1013
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I went on like an hour long chase with 7 people bombing around after me trying to take my bounty after I sniped one of them for throwing C4 at me.

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in old days on PS3 , with help of lv 100 abusing RPG , i was able to decimate the opposing team . when i'm facing sniper , i took a cover with bad angle for sniper to see me but i can see them , then i was able to take down that sniper just using Combat MG ( at that point , the sniper was out of my auto-aim range )

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I let my wife shoot me 20 times in the face for daily objectives.

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Yesterday I killed 3 players with one sniper bullet. Later that day a newbie player rolled up in an suv and downed me with a pistol during an executive search.

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