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GTA San Andreas wont start with ENB


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Wassup Guys


I have a problem which is, when i start my game without any ENBs, the game runs normaly. And if i put a enb into my game (its a MMGE enb) then the game wont start. So when i start GTA San Andreas it becomes a black screen. and after 10 seconds it says.: "GTA San Andreas dont work anymore"

idk how to fix it, but before all that, i was able to play GTA San Andreas WITH ENB and without any problems.


And a question on you guys, If i switch my Graphic Properties and the Nvidia Control Panel from Quality into Power could this would be the proplem?


Sorry for my English, im from Switzerland.

Edited by Jordan_Klington
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it seem you are using an underpowered pc this is a common error oof enb 0.258 the easy way is using v0.75 because is more compatible.

Dont use nvidia setting on gta sa and if you made a profile delete that and try the enb again

The setting of quality and power there is a middle point the reason that was in there is easy is just in case you are using a notebook.

.- Quality - the best setting of all but the battery consumes really fast if you have a desktop use this one

.- Power - if you want your pc to use the less ammunt of battery use this one,not usefull if you use your pc for games

.- Middle - this is the default setting use this one in case your pc dont have a good cpu

Avoid using AA on gta because enb dont work with AA turned on

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