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Street Racing DLC concept

DJ Dubtronix

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DJ Dubtronix

Title: Life In the Fast Lane


Description: Benny has gotten tired of lowriders and wants to experiment with new choices straight from Asia, and a few domestic rides too, so with these new cars, Lamar and Gerald introduce you to the insane scene of the Los Santos Street Racing League, where the bets are high and the horsepower is even higher. There are several different types of racing, which are drag, drift, circuit, and even demolition derby (basically Sumo Mode in an enclosed dirt arena) for those that love the danger of crashing into each other at full speed until their opponent's car is destroyed. A 1/4 mile drag strip has been constructed in the Senora Desert off of the highway, where you can challenge your friends in freemode for a $100 - $10,000 cash pot each race. Start your engines, and get ready to floor it.


New Content:

Weapon: New stock available at Ammunation., which are, wrench, sledgehammer, and premium motor oil (same as jerrycan but lasts longer and lights faster).

Circuit: A new supercar, the Grotti 638 (based on the Ferrari 458)

Drift: 3 new sports cars, the Karin Suprel (based on the Toyota Supra MKIV), the Annis Elegy RH6 (based on the Nissan GT-R Skyline R34), and the Maibatsu Penumbra Classic (based on the mid 90s Mitsubishi Eclipse)

Drag: 2 new muscle cars, the Vapid Dominator Foxtrot (based on the Ford Mustang Foxbody), and the Imponte Eagle (based on the Plymouth Roadrunner)

Demolition: All compacts and sedans can be upgraded to demolition vehicles at Benny's

Clothing: racing outfits with different in game product liveries (Sprunk, Cherry Popper, etc.) made up of a helmet, coveralls, gloves, and boots, and also street racing outfits, made up of sneakers, new car themed t shirts, leather jackets and hats.

Homes: Blaine County (15 car garages), Sandy Shores (10 car garages), and a mansion in Richman (20 car garage) will be purchasable.

Customization options: drag wheels (adding custom tires option will make them slicks), drift wheels (custom tires = more slide), and racing wheels (custom tires = more grip), exhaust sound options (each exhaust will change the volume and tone of the cars), cams (muscle) and headers (sports/super) (change the overall engine sound and speed), custom vinyl editor, more turbo options (each one sounds and performs differently), stripped interiors (more in depth than the Sultan and Banshee), advanced reinforcement and window removal for demolition derby cars, and the ability to do a wheelie by adding a wheelie bar to the drag vehicles.


There will be four new missions for Lamar and Gerald, a new adversary mode (collecting keys for stolen performance vehicles and driving them the longest while the other team hunts you, similar to hot property), and more freemode events relating to cars such as longest drift line without crashing, longest wheelie (drag cars will be able to compete as well), and fastest 1/4 mile.


All existing muscle cars in game can be upgraded as drag cars, all sports cars can be upgraded as drift cars, and all super cars can be upgraded as circuit cars.


An EDM radio station that plays Dubstep, Electro, Trap, and House to get you pumped up while racing, and a heavy metal radio station to get you pumped up during demolition derbies.


All topped off with a money managment system, you can send money to other players through the interaction menu under cash in your inventory.

Edited by DJ Dubtronix
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i was in love with this idea until you said "lamar" and "adversary modes"

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DJ Dubtronix

i was in love with this idea until you said "lamar" and "adversary modes"

I couldnt think of anyone else lol, and the AM was a last minute thought

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i was in love with this idea until you said "lamar" and "adversary modes"

I couldnt think of anyone else lol, and the AM was a last minute thought

Gerald would have the more welcome to the underground world of street racing (lucrative feel) the first race could be against Lamar boasting about his classic vs the new street cars ( a fast and the furious reference)

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Sentinel Driver

New weapon: Hammer


Ummm? Hammer already exists but otherwise decent idea

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DJ Dubtronix

New weapon: Hammer


Ummm? Hammer already exists but otherwise decent idea

I meant to put sledge hammer
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