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100% Wanted Star Evasion Rate: Possible?

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One of the many stats that has been around in the GTA series since time immemorial is "Wanted stars attained/evaded". It's exactly what it says on the tin: the first tracks how many stars your misbehavior has earned you throughout your save, the second shows how many of those you've successfully lost.


Why this interests me so much is because, in a perfectionist's run, one would imagine keeping this stat intact is a pretty important goal to be had. Thing is, almost nobody ever has a perfect evasion rate even by the mid-point of the games (save for V, which actually is pretty good at properly crediting you each time you lose the cops) for a number of reasons. I know for sure it's even completely impossible to maintain this in San Andreas, because of that "The Green Sabre" fiasco.


But on my most recent playthrough of VCS, I've began to think of whether or not it could at least be done here.


UPDATE: I have now been able to confirm that you can reach 100% completion, even on the PS2 version with slightly more side tasks, with no more than 4 stars left unevaded.


General Rule: At the end of a mission or rampage, your wanted level always gets wiped out - it unfortunately won't count as evaded unless you only have one star. Of course, in a lot of story missions, you're scripted to get a lot more than that, and in some rampages it's hard to avoid attracting the attention of two stars worth of cops. The "cars vs shotgun" at Starfish Island is particularly bad for some reason - either the cop presence is just higher than normal in the gated community, or the PIGs are alerting them to your location. Who knows.


Rampage Exploit 1: Even if you're shooting at a gang member right next to a cop, you won't get wanted as long as you are located a safe distance away from the cop. Case in point, at the "Bikers vs shotgun" rampage in Downtown, I stood at that open area with palm trees north of the restaurant shooting at bikers on the street, and the passing motorcyclist officer didn't bat an eye even though dudes in leather jackets were dropping dead before his very eyes. If you do get a cop on you, don't aim at or attack him, but try to get him killed by the gang members you're hunting down instead. Works particularly well with the more difficult rampages that involve strong weapons being used against you.


Rampage Exploit 2: In all vehicle-destruction rampages, at best you should just blow up any scripted spawns near the icon before hauling ass to the nearest multi-story parking garage, where you can blow up some plentiful cannon fodder at a quick rate while staying off the cops' radar. This even works as a general strategy because the game sometimes struggles to spawn traffic for you during these. The recommended garages would be the one west of Vice Point Mall, and the one in central Ocean Beach that's not marked on the map, but located to the north of Pole Position between the two main roads of this area. For most of these rampages you can bring a PCJ-600 to make your trip quicker, though one requires getting up to a ledge by helicopter. If you can land it without major damage, you can then take off again and land it on the garage's roof, though this might be a tad slower than using a PCJ.


Vigilante Exploit: I suggest just waiting until the end-game to get a Hunter - it covers long distances quickly and allows for easily collecting bribes and still completing a level on time. Sadly the timer doesn't stack in this game (every round gives you a strict 5 minutes to pull it off) but I never had much difficulty with it considering how simple it is to use missiles, particularly in first-person mode, to blow the suspects up.


So to recap, only bribes, Pay'n Sprays and mission completion (with one star only) count for evasions. Saving and reloading, completing missions with lots of heat on you, and especially getting wasted or busted is a no-no.


Now onto the missions that need some special methods - well, "special" may not fit them all.


Fear the Repo: The merchandise van gives you a 2-star wanted level upon entering. Visit the bribe at the print works, then just get to the depot to finish the mission. Remembering the 1-star limit, you don't have to lose the remaining heat to still keep your rate at 100%.


Jive Drive: When the Cholos are done, take one of their Sabres with Lance and make a detour to a Pay'n Spray or bribe before dropping him off.


Nice Package: After snatching the package, collect bribes along the way to the drop-off, like the ones at the Moist Palms construction site and the print works. Going to a Pay'n Spray may allow all the other Cubans to catch up, making the ending sequence a lot harder on you.


The Audition: The first mission to require some special planning. You'll need to go through the early part of the mission as fast as you can, blazing through the robbers with a stubby shotgun (you got 30 red balloons, right?) and grabbing the Sanchez across the street. Worry not about the cops, Lance always gets on with you before they can move in for an arrest. Pick up a bribe on the way, jump the ramp, and drive down into the impound. Now park the Sanchez up next to the closed gate so that it forms a perfect T-shape, the front wheel being in contact with the gate. Exit the bike, kill the guards, and fetch Forbes' car. This is where the scripted 2 stars come in. Drive forth a bit, then exit and shoot the four new guards on foot to avoid damage for the Sentinel XS. Get back in the car and drive it as close to the gate as you can (without pushing the Sanchez out of position!). Get out, climb the steps and jump off the building to the other side of the gate. You must make sure Lance isn't able to follow you here, or the objective is a bust. There's a Benson east of the Pay'n Spray you can get in without the mission failing on you for "abandoning" Forbes' car: grab it unless a civilian vehicle shows up closer, and get it resprayed to remove the cops. Now head back to the gate, where you'll want to get on the Sanchez through the wall: stand right in front of it and press triangle to do that "jump over the front tire" move that puts you instantly behind the wheel. Now on the impound again, exit the bike, get in the Sentinel XS with Lance, and jump the marked ramp out of the impound.


Caught as an Act: You don't want to ram Forbes for too long or you'll gain more than 1 star, so get him out of the car as early as you possibly can. It's all about pinning his car down at the right angle.


Snitch Hitch: You're scripted to accumulate at least 2 stars during the firefight with the guards around the jet, so some exploits need to be done. After you get to the runway, park a safe distance from the jet and use an assault rifle to shoot all the nearest guards that charge at you. That's 1 star, so drive off the runway (no mission failures for "losing" the jet thankfully) and get the bribe from the dirt ramp that was used in Jive Drive. Then snatch a new, fresh car from traffic, and deal with the rest of the guards by allowing Lance to shoot them from the passenger seat. Once the Bikers show up, fighting them gives you another star, but as always, losing that at the mission's conclusion is still an evasion.


From Zero to Hero is currently the main mission giving me hell here. Just completing it normally won't give you credit for evading the 4 stars (I was kinda holding out false hope that the game would give this mission some special treatment or something) and there's no bribes along the fairly short way to Lance's house either. It could be possible, in theory, to get to the Pay'n Spray near Lance's route and wipe out your wanted status this way, but thus far I've had no luck - the game always counted that as mission failure for falling too far back.


So anyway, going forward still:


The Mugshot Longshot: Might wanna hit up a Pay'n Spray unless you're good at bribe collection even with high wanted levels. That'll need to be done before reaching the print works, of course.


Taking the Fall: More complexity, but still possible. It's almost like a restricted version of Snitch Hitch, because killing enemies earns you stars automatically-like, and you can't leave the vicinity of the construction site or the good bikers will murder Lance off-screen. Our saving grace is the bribe in the base of the crane however. Once it's shootout time, kill the bikers in your way however you see fit, and don't pick up the bribe yet as you make your way up. Kill every enemy except one, at which point you'll have two stars - now drop down from the inside of the building to grab the bribe, then go up and finish off the last one to complete the mission.


Hostile Takeover: If you somehow attain two stars or more, just stay behind the biker convoy at the end (out of their range) and pick up any bribes along the way before engaging the group.


Unfriendly Competition: As long as you get rid of any possible stars gained from shooting the first dealer (in a relatively public area) there should be no issues as the poolparty fight doesn't seem to attract anyone. In the final chase sequence, shooting the gunners off the helicopter's sides never gave me more than one star. Overall, this mission hardly qualifies for the category of needing possible special strategies, but I included it anyway, just as an assurance that there's really no way to fail the challenge at the final sequence unless you fail the mission itself.


Where It Hurts Most: As despicable as Martinez's goons are being in this mission, the kills you attain during the search for Louise inevitably result in wanted stars, and they may go all the way up to 3 if you get unlucky and have to visit all the hideouts before hitting the jackpot. Louise's deteriorating health makes things no easier, though I was barely able to complete it with 1 star, having grabbed both of the nearest Downtown bribes.


Kill Phil, Part 2: If the wanted levels gained in the last mission were ludicrous, this one probably takes the cake - you actually get stars even though you're killing Collins' would-be assassins! Whenever you get a star during the shootout, try hiding out for a moment and allowing that to time out, because two stars just means instant loss - no bribes to be found in the interior, as you probably guessed.


Purple Haze: You're on a narrow timer, but only need to get one bribe to reduce the wanted level to a sustainable 1 star prior to finishing the mission. I suggest the one in the dirt path at where Washington Mall is being constructed.


Steal the Deal: For inexplicable reasons, wanted level is incurred even when shooting at baddies in this very isolated area in the middle of the sea. If you end up with 2 stars, visit the area east of Lance's house (careful not to beach the mission boat), grab the bribe from there, then finish the job.


The Exchange: In the event that cops give you trouble with 2 or more stars, a Pay'n Spray is right alongside your path back to Diaz's. Or, you can just get the bribe from that construction site, for free.


Light My Pyre: There's no time or distance limit once Lance charges into Mendez's grounds, so you can visit any bribes at your leisure (and get health/armor and a bulletproof car preferably while you're at it).


Over the Top: I got 2 stars here, so it was just a matter of flying the Hunter to a bribe accessible via helicopter before taking it to Diaz.


Last Stand: Again seemingly automatic wanted levels present themselves while shooting up the penthouse. Kill enemies until there's only a few left, then fly to a bribe (again no distance limit) and aim to lose the remaining star while flying back as well. If you have 2 stars once you get shot down, you're f*cked. At least when fighting the Mendez guys inside, no more stars are attained.


Might be a long shot, but has anyone else tried this kind of a perfectionist's run, or even better, succeeded at keeping the evasion rate as high as possible coming into the Vice Beach missions?

Edited by Carbonox
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Good job on this! I haven't really played Vice City at all but I know for a fact that I could never do this. Again, good job!

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Lethal Vaccine

Interesting to read. I am into 100% Completion, Minimum Stats, and all Special Vehicles for my Saves, however, this particular Stat I never payed close attention to. Usually the big ones I care for are: Deaths, Busted, Cheats, Mission Failures, Safehouse Visits, and Total Playing Time. I noticed I usually don't have Wanted Stars Attained and Wanted Stars Evaded equal for any of the GTA's I have, probably due to the facts of what you said about having 2+ star wanted level when passing the Missions or something like that. Like I said, I never payed much attention to this. Not ALL the Stats in the Pause Menu interest me, but some do. Even Pay and Spray Visits is something I started looking at and like to do the Playthroughs with as little possible, if at all...I rather pick up Police Bribes, but sometimes that is too tedious, thus I use Pay and Spray...I am lenient with Pay and Spray Visit Stat, despite watching it, but Deaths/Busted/Cheats/Mission Failures/Safehouse Visits/Total Playing Time are the big ones for me to keep at an absolute minimum...

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Fooking Rekt

I might try this one day

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Posted (edited)

Sorry for reopening an old thread, Just wanted to pitch in, and ask if anyone has any further tips.

First off, like the OP  said, for some perfectionists (me included) this is an important stat.

I have successfully kept this stat intact throughout my "perfection" playthroughs on GTA3, and Vice City, so it is possible on those games, it just requires some workarounds on the rampages and some of the missions, but it is possible.

I'm now working on San Andreas, and I've managed to keep the perfect stat intact up until "are you going to san fiero?".
Someone mentioned "the green sabre", but what you have to do there is to kill all but 1 enemies, then park a car on top of him, kill any GSF member that tries to shoot towards the car, then go and remove the wanted level by changing clothes (saves the pay 'n spray stat), come back and kill the last guy.

BUT... as I said, at "are you going to san fiero?" I struggle to find a method to get it to work, seems that as soon as you blow up the heli, you immediately gain 3 "attained" stars, but only 1 "evaded" star, I guess there is something very similar coming up in "torenos last flight"... Anyone have any idea how to avoid this?

Also, shout out to @Lethal Vaccine, I have used alot of your videos on how to obtain the special vehicles, many thanks for that ^^

UPDATE: turns out all you need to do to avoid this is to stand far enough away from the heli when it explodes, I first managed to do it with a sniper rifle, but you can also do it with the rocketlauncher. just stand right against the fence to the southwest of the farm then wait for Truth to stop at the entrance and the heli to start hovering above him. Shooting it down in this position will not cause a discrepancy between the stars attained and stars evaded.

I might do a guide for this for all the games similar to what OP did, hopefully it helps somebody. :)
GTA3 does not track this stat, but vice city caused for some serious trickery. Most notably during "sir yes sir", where you had to push the tank all the way to the garage, then get in it.

Sorry if its a bit off topic this. :)

Edited by TRL_ERAZER

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