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50s greaser gang recruitment!

Warriors war chief

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Warriors war chief

We are a new MC called The Condemned Rebels.This gang has taken form to release your souls.Come join the brotherhood and start fighting for your freedom in Gta. Message THR-MC_RENEGADE on the (PS4) if you would like to join. Also check out our rules below. We are no longer a Greaser club sorry.

1. Don't kill your brothers unless we are in a competitive game mode.

2. American bikes only, unless told otherwise by officers and president.
3. Must have a mic and must communicate with your crew.
4. We play on the (ps4) and we play (free aim) only.
5. You must be 15 years or older.
6. No mods or glitches that pose an unfair advantage against other players.

7. You must play GTA 5 at least 3 times a week with the crew. if you can't just let someone in the crew know that you will be inactive for awhile.

8. You must wear your patch at all times.

9. You must wear biker style clothing, I'm not going to get into major details with this. If you don't know what I mean by biker style clothing, then just dress how you want to in the game; I will tell you if you are wearing something that looks completely ridiculous and embarrassing to the club.

10. I would prefer you to have a little experience in the 1%er rules but if you don't, Then me and the club will help you out.

11. The's weapons are not allowed against other players, Rpg's, sticky bombs, grenades, Proximity mines, Minigun, Auto shotguns, sniper rifles, Lmg's, Tanks , Helicopters and Jets. If any of the's weapons are use against you then you are allowed to use them back.

12. Communicate with your brothers in the chat room everyday that you are able to get on.

13. Make sure you join our community on the ps4 , i will give the invites to every member who joins.

14. Help your brothers out with missions.

15. Don't go into passive mode when you are fighting a enemy, Only time you can go into passive mode is when you are going to go do something.

16. Absolutely no other crews.

why should you join us you might say ? well we do heist almost everyday so more money $$$$ for you, We have respect and dignity and don't cheat at the game # earn everything the legit way. We are a very mature group who likes to have fun and joke around but also when we need to get down to business doing a mission we take it serious and get stuff done. We are active everyday.



Edited by Warriors war chief
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Man, that is awesome. I am on PC so I cannot join, but glad to see that there is an original crew out there. Keep up the good work!

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Warriors war chief

Thanks bro :) , you seem like a cool guy would of been cool to have you in the crew. you have a good one bro.

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Warriors war chief

thanks man i like your crews patch looks cool.

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  • 1 month later...

Finally found a fellow 50's themed greaser club and youre on the PS4 :( Just wishing we could of hung out at the bar together. Maybe one day.


You will always be in our good books :)



Grand Duke of The Royals



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This crew idea is legit.^^



To bad you guys aren't on xbox, either way that crew sounds badass.

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Warriors war chief

sucks that i can't fine more crews like this to be allies with , if anyone does have a rockabilly type crew then hit me up on ps4 THR-MC_RENEGADE.

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