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GTA San Andreas Vehicle Spawning Problem.


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I had a 3d model that I installed into GTA San Andreas. I have made the textures and everything but there's one small problem. The vehicle wont spawn ingame. I type the cheat, it says Cheat Activated but I dont see my car anywhere............

So is there anything I can do? Please help me.

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Yes exactly the problem is with the mod but I dont know what the problem is. I tried replacing other cars with it but no use. The car will appear in GTA Garage Mod Manager but not ingame.

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Do you mean that you can not install any vechile mod?

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Vehicle mods work fine. But the one i created wont show up ingame. But it will show up in GGMM.

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I dont know what the problem with my model is. But I found something over the internet a guy from a website says "In some cases a modified vehicle does not appear in the game.We need to change the version of .dff with RW Analyze, in GTA III, re-open the file with ZM2, and re-export to version GTA-SA."
But I dont get what he means by change version. ??. Is there anything u guys can say about it.

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While exporting from ZM2 there are three checkboxes in the down. Check SA Checkbox. This is what that guy meant from changing version.

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Yes I understand. But how change version by RW Analyze. If we already have zm2.

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